Deglazing tools are exactly what they imply they are – they are used to remove glazing/glass from their frames and structurally bonded units. By using tools that are specifically designed for this task glaziers are able to swiftly and safely remove glazing.

These tools are essential as it ensures windows can be replaced as soon as possible. This keeps buildings protected from the elements – especially if the glass replacement is due to the window being smashed. Many factors can prompt the need for the removal of your glazing units such as worn-out sealant, damages to the frame, or even just a need to update your units for aesthetics or better insulation.

How to Choose a Deglazing Tool

Deglazing tools are available in many different designs, but they can vary in quality and reliability. When choosing your deglazing tool some things you may want to look out for are special features, safety features, blade size, and overall shape and size. Below we go over our best deglazing tools and what jobs they are best for.

Circular Deglazing Tool

This Circular Deglazing Tool is ideal for almost any project due to its compact size making it easy to take between jobs. The sturdy handle comes with a built-in protective knuckle guard to prevent slipping and injury. The extra leverage the guard supplies allows users to work flat against glass.

With the circular blade disc, you can easily cut through sealant and tape. The round blade allows you to cut from various angles that are most comfortable for you. At just 200g in weight, this tool is extremely easy to use as there is no strain from the weight.

Woods N4000 Deglazing Tool

Removing glass can be a tricky task especially when it is against a flat surface – with the Woods N4000 Deglazing Tool you can safely grip glazing for safe removal. Using this bespoke tool users can lift loads of up to 57kg safely due to the specially designed 760mm pry bar which allows you to safely grip the load with 2 hands from various angles.

The attached low-marking vacuum pad can be attached to a range of non-porous surfaces for lifting anything from glass to plastic. The pad spreads pressure across 47cm² which prevents breaking and carping of materials when lifting.

Deglazing Tool

Find the perfect angle every time with our professional Deglazing Tool. Included with heat-treated blades that are thin and angled especially for cutting around window units users can effortlessly remove glazing. The provided blades are both left and right-handed so the Deglazing Tool can be used safely by all glaziers.

This tool comes with a removable two-position handle which allows the user to support the tool more easily. The Deglazing Tool’s handle can also be placed in three positions to suit the needs of the user. With various easily adjustable elements to this tool, glaziers can always deglaze units in the safest and most comfortable way possible.


At GGR Glass we aim to provide the best professional tools for our customers. With over 25 years of experience, we’re sure we have the solution for your project. Contact our expert team here for more information on our deglazing tools. Read more on our deglazing tools here.