GGR offers a wide range of trolleys and stillages engineered to safely transport glass, stone and other materials in the workshop and on site, across smooth and uneven ground.

The Glass Car and Tilt Table double up as both working surfaces and trolleys, while the new Glass Tow and Mule are practical motorized glass stillages.

The Glass Sherpa and Shuttle are truly revolutionary products which incorporate new engineering concepts to reduce manual handling in glass transport and installation.

Glass Transport

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Waterproof, elasticated cover, fits all sizes of standard vacuum pad and protects against dust, moisture and accidental damage.
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This set of 1 tonne capacity polyester carrying straps are a practical tool for minimising risk of injury when handling heavy loads. Sold as a pair.

Reference code: AGA15

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Using these certified tough polyester incline carrying straps is a safe way to carry large pieces of glass up steps, stairs and steep inclines.

  • Reference code: AGA17
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This simple self-locking transport dolly allows large loads to be transported across site.

  • Reference code: AGT22
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This self-locking transport dolly is a simple solution to moving glass, drywall, doors, sheet metal and stone panels on site. A compact and easy-to-use device, its robust tyres can safely move sheets weighing up to 250kg across uneven ground.


  • Reference code: AGT19
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The TS250 glass transport dolly benefits from a carrying capacity of up to 250kg.

The small, light and robust trolley is the ideal solution for transport glazing and other heavy materials across busy construction sites.

The TS250 Air Dolly features hard-wearing tyres for travelling over rough and uneven ground and comes with an integrated carrying handle for greater control of loads.

  • Reference code: AGT26
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The compact and lightweight All-Terrain Uni Wheel Dolly from GGR Group is perfect for transporting heavy panes of glass or doors manually around a job site. The integrated 204mm diameter vacuum pad gives the user reassuring confidence that the load will remain attached throughout, the pad also comes fitted with a red line safety indicator to ensure full vacuum is still applied.


  • Reference code: AGT01
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The TS250 Air Dolly provides a simple solution to transporting glazing and other heavy materials across site. This compact transport dolly benefits from a carrying capacity of up to 250kg.

  • Reference code: AGT27
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The TS500 Tandem Air Dolly is the perfect solution for transport glass loads of up 500kg across site.

• Reference code: AGT28

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Robust and durable classic pallet truck with a 2500kg payload.

  • Reference code: AGT45
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The Glass and Stone Slab Buggy can accommodate glass loads of up to 400kg and is compact enough to fit inside a small van.

  • Reference code: AGT23
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The Glass Car, a two-in-one work table and trolley for sheet glass, makes movement of glass loads a simple one-man job.

  • Reference code: AGT17
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Made from lightweight steel, the compact Flexi Trolley 700 is designed to be able to carry glass in between floor levels and onto scaffolding.

  • Reference code: AGT39
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