Whenever you feel a draft coming through your home, it may be time to replace your windows. Old glazing can perish over time, due to several contributing factors, so it will need some maintenance.

Before you begin to replace a window, you will need to remove your old one. It is generally a straightforward process to remove a window and reglaze it or replace it. However, to do this, you should have all the necessary tools in order to do the job well.

We bring you this article to discuss why you need window deglazing tools. These specially designed tools are there to help you to get the job done and make the job of deglazing a much easier one to complete - no glazier should be without their deglazing tools.


Glazing Tools


What Is a Deglazing Tool?

A deglazing tool is a must-have tool for removing windows. The specially designed blades are there to cut through old sealant with ease, for easy bead removal to remove your windows. 

The tool is sharp and features heat-treated blades to cut through even the toughest of sealants, such as strong sealant on double-glazed window units. This will create an effortless cut in window seals for the quick removal of windows.

This tool is essential for professional glaziers’ tool kits, whilst other must-haves and essential tools include a glazing hammer, glass cutter, suction cups, silicone sealant and gasket rollers.

Although widely used in the glazing industry, deglazing tools are not just for professional use - they can be used by anyone who needs them to replace an old or broken window.

Deglazing tools can be used on windows and pretty much anything else that has a sealant finish and the sealant needs to be cut, removed and replaced.


Our Top Deglazing Tools From GGR Glass

Need a deglazing tool or two? Look no further than here at GGR Glass. As usual, we have every window glazing tool that you could ever need to get your glazing job done. We stock a selection of deglazing tools online for you to choose from, all featuring slightly different elements to them which allows them to perform for different uses. To find out more about these tools then the information on them can be found down below.


Deglazing Tool

This is the original and most popular deglazing tool - it is super sharp and made for quick and effortless window and door removable. Easy window bead removal so you can remove windows from their frames in no time with the help of this tool.

This deglazing tool in particular features non-slip handles for a strong, solid and safe two-handed grip around all sides of the unit, along with a heat-treated razor-sharp blade to slice through all sealants.

Conveniently, you can purchase left-hand as well as right-hand replacement blades, which are available to buy from GGR Glass - just contact us to enquire about this and to order the blades.


Woods Deglazing Tool

This Woods N4000 Deglazing Tool combines a vacuum hand cup with a special pry bar. This practical tool spreads the pressure across any non-porous surface with its low-marking rubber pad. 

This deglazing device reduces the risk of sprains and cuts whilst deglazing as well as minimising damage to the surrounding areas such as window sills, bathrooms and walls. There is an optional brace which is long for spreading the load over a wider gap.


Circular Deglazing Tool

Next up we have the Circular Deglazing Tool designed for removing structurally bonded units. This tool features a cutting disc that slides into the glazing pocket and cuts easily through the sealant tape. 

This tool features a handy knuckle guard, letting you work flat against the glass in a safe way and for good leverage. Replacement blades are also available to buy from GGR Glass.

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How to Replace a Window

Now that you have an understanding and all the information on the top deglazing tools around, you can now get to work at deglazing your window to fit your new one. To learn more, just keep reading.


Step One - Have Your Equipment Ready

Make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment you need before starting window replacement. This includes your chosen sealant, deglazing tool, glazing tool, gasket roller, sealant finisher, etc. whatever your preferred tools to use are.

You will want to lay an old sheet or something similar on the floor whilst you work. Glazing work can be a messy job - old glaze, dust and other debris including glass are likely to fall on the floor and make a mess. Having a sheet down will save you a lot of time and effort cleaning up later on, as it can catch any fallout.

Make sure you are wearing all the necessary personal protective equipment that you need to keep you safe. Safety comes first whenever you are completing a job. The items of safety gear that you will need to wear will include; safety goggles, and thick gloves which can be necessary to protect your hands from glass breakage and shards. Also, make sure you have closed-toe shoes or safety boots if you are handling large and heavy glass.


Step Two - Removal of the Window

You will need to take out the sash by pulling it carefully out of the frame. Use your putty knife or deglazing tool to take the sealant out.

This will be easy if the sealant is old, but you may need to apply some pressure if it is still intact. Be careful with your tool as you do not want to harm the frame or break the glass.


Step Three - Replace the Glass

Place a few beads of glaze inside the frame of the glass. This is what the new glass will adhere to. Gently place the glass into the frame over your glazing beads and press firmly so that it sticks to the frame.

Do not worry at this stage about the sealant being messy, as you can simply cut off the excess with a putty knife after it hardens.


Step Four - Seal the Glass

Cover the edges of the glass with a thick layer of sealant, and make sure you leave no gaps or hollow spots. Keep it even all the way around.

Use a sealant finisher to press the sealant down and make it smooth, you should use one continuous movement along the sealant to ensure a professional finish. You can cut off any excess to make it look neat too.


GGR Glass

If you need any more help with deglazing tools from GGR Glass, get in contact with us and we will be happy to help you.

Any help you need, whether it is to do with a glazing job or advice with certain glazing tools, our experts at GGR Glass will be happy to help you with whatever you need. All of our contact details can be found on our website.