Suction Cups

At GGR Glass, we have a wide selection of suction cups to choose from. Browse our extensive range of suction cups, vacuum cups and other lifting equipment that will assist you in securely lifting fragile items such as glass, tiles, concrete flags and other materials that are prone to break or smash. 

Each of these heavy-duty suction cups come in a variety of lifting capacities and are best used for particular types of materials. If you are unsure exactly what you need, we suggest that you browse through our various products to make sure you have found the right one that suits your needs.

Whether you are after vacuum cups, curved suction cups, double pad suction cups, triple suction pad suction cups - or traditional suction cups. If you are unsure what a suction cup is or what they are used for, we have provided an explanation below: 

Suction cups, otherwise known as glass lifters allow the user to securely place the pad on the desired material and lift it by gripping the lever. These can lift anything from glass, wood or aluminium by locking the vacuum between the glass vacuum lifter and the material. 

Not all vacuum cups work with every material, however. So you need to have a clear understanding as to what materials you need lifting before you decide to purchase. Lucky for you, we offer a wide range of cups to choose from that cover all possible materials. 

Order with GGR Glass today and have the worry of lifting large and sensitive materials removed.

Suction Cups

100 | 1 Reviews

The FingerGrab is a one finger lifter with easy-release tabs for smaller objects.

  • Reference code: AHS05
100 | 1 Reviews

The ArcherGrab is a two-fingered lifter designed to make lifting smaller objects simple.

  • Reference code: AHS10
No Reviews

Handy suction cup for removing small dents in cars or lifting and positioning tiles.

  • Reference code: AHS25
No Reviews

Just 121mm in diameter, this four finger style pad is ideal for larger, heavier loads with easy-release tabs.

  • Reference code: AHS15
No Reviews

This versatile and lightweight suction cup comes with 30kg of lifting power and butterfly handle for easy setting and leveling of double glazed windows, mirrors, sheet metal, non-porous tiles and more.

  • Reference code: AHG01
No Reviews

G-Man cups are great for adding a handle to a smooth material for safe lifting or moving.

  • Reference code: AHS30
No Reviews

These simple yet effective slap on cups are extremely easy to use. Once the cup is applied to the surface, you simply lift and move. The load is released using a trigger mechanism.

  • Reference code: AHS35
No Reviews

This two-pad suction cup is made from lightweight, heavy duty aluminum offering 60kg of lifting power for installing glazing, skylights, glass doors, mirrors, plastics and other non-porous materials.

  • Reference code: AHG02
No Reviews

These versatile dual cups allow easy lifting of heavier or elongated loads. .


  • Reference code: AHS40
93 | 3 Reviews

A three pad hand suction cup with an impressive 80kg safe working load for heavy duty lifting, ideal for installing large format glass, moving household appliances and kitchen worktops.


  • Reference code: AHG03
No Reviews

These easy to use dual cups are effective when lifting loads that are slightly heavier or longer in shape.

  • Reference code: AHS45
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