Glass suction cups are a practical tool that should be used for almost any glazing job. Their strong grip makes moving glazing effortless along with a lower risk of injury and damage to the glass. The handles on your suction cup provide better overall control and hold and you can avoid carrying the glazing by its sharp edges. The strong vacuum and practical handles mean you can manoeuvre the glass into place at many angles without much strain on yourself.

How Do Suction Cups work?

There are many types of suction cups, but their basic principles are the same. The suction cup has a rubber seal that creates an airtight seal. When applying the suction cup to a surface the air inside the cup is removed making the atmospheric pressure inside the cup lower than the outside. Through this a vacuum is created which causes the cup to become attached to the object. Depending on the suction cup it can hold anything from a couple of kilograms to 170kg at GGR Glass.


Types of Suction Cups

Suction cups can be used to lift a range of materials and shapes with many cups having varying features to accommodate for these differences. Below are a few of the types available at GGR Glass.

Slap-On Suction Cups

Quick and easy to use, these cups are great for lighter pieces of glass up to 22.7kg in weight. The small size and durable rubber composition make it ideal for bringing from job to job without the worry of packing it up super securely.

Avoid hard-to-clean fingerprints on your glazing with the Morkgrab suction cup that has a four-finger handle for ease of use and 5.4kg of lifting power. This handy suction cup is a great tool to take on any glazing job as it can be used independently or along with other glass lifting tools for extra control.

Achieve convenient, no-faff glass placement with the D-Cup Lifter which has a finger-operated release bar. It is one of our strongest slap-on cups with a 22.7kg lifting capacity and has dual cups for any extra support you might need.

Lever-Operated Suction Cups

If in need of a stronger tool, these lever-operated suction cups are highly durable with a robust rubber suction cup. The easy grip handle and lever make shifting and installing glass an easy task as you can simply press the cup onto a smooth surface and squeeze the handles to apply suction. There is no need to pry the cup from the glass as you can easily release the butterfly mechanism and dislodge the cup from the surface.

Our GGR1 Suction Cups have a practical single cup that can lift up to 30kg of smooth material by squeezing the handle to secure the load. With a 120mm diameter cup, it has enough surface coverage for easy glass manoeuvrability and is suited to lifting smooth materials such as glass and sheet metal.

You can’t say three is a crowd with the GGR3 Suction Cup which is a trio of lever-operated cups that can lift up to 80kg and has a practical grip as shown in the image above. The triangulated formation provides extra support against heavier glazing pieces and ensures extra security in the unlikely chance one suction cup loses its vacuum.

Suction Cups

Battery-Powered Suction Cups

Need something stronger than our standard suction cups but not as big as a glass vacuum lifter? Our Nemo Grabo Vacuum Cup has a generous lifting power of 170kg. The sturdy handle provides easy lifting, and the rectangular cup has a 1.5-hour constant operation time. This product can stick to a variety of non-porous materials such as glass, sheet metal, and wood.

Textured and Curved Suction Cups

Glass comes in all shapes and textures but that unfortunately prevents most normal vacuum lifters from being able to lift them. Specialist cups are required for these unique glass pieces such as our Powr-Grip N6450 Curved Suction Cup. With a lifting capacity of 79kg and a specially designed deep concave pad for contorting to curved surfaces, you will be able to lift glazing with ease. The N6450 comes with a metal handle with high durability and a quick-release mechanism. One of our best textured suction cups is the Powr-Grip N4950TS which is suited to textured and irregular surfaces. Featuring a unique sealing edge and a 27kg lifting capacity it is great for a range of glazing projects.

GGR Glass has been supplying glass lifting equipment since 1995, the company was first named GGR Glass Services. As no.1 for lifting solutions, we supply the best glass equipment on the market and are constantly striving for innovation across the glass industry. To discover more about our range of glass suction cups you can read here or contact one of our trusted experts here.