When it comes to the process of installing, fitting or removing windows, you need the appropriate tools for the job. Glass is a fragile material, prone to breakage so, therefore, it must be handled correctly at all times.

Because glass is so prone to breaking, cracks and scratches, there are specialist tools created in order to handle it correctly and prevent any accidents from occurring. This makes a glazing job a lot easier, whether you are a professional or amateur glazier, glass suction cups are your best friend.

In this article, we will discuss the best glass suction cups for windows so that you can be well-informed the next time you come to remove or fit a window and need a helping hand from the right tool for the job.


Suction Cups


An Introduction to Glass Suction Cups

Glass suction cups are extremely handy devices. They allow the user to lift, carry and manoeuvre large panels of glass including windows, perfect for window installations.

Glass suction cups are also referred to by other names in the industry, names such as glass lifting tools, lifting suction cups, glass suction pads or suction cup lifters, to name a few variations.

Suction cups come in all shapes and sizes, some made for specialist surfaces whether that be the material or the surface texture or shape. They also come in a range of lifting capabilities, fit for different kinds of loads for whatever job you may face. Generally, the bigger the suction cup, the larger the load it can handle or the more suction cups are attached to the one device - the same applies and the bigger the job it can handle.


How Do Glass Suction Cups Work?

Suction cups work by the pressure that is created when using them. It is the external pressure from the suction cups that determine how strong or how long the suction will last. Internal pressure also has a role but is less so.

Suction cups are usually made from solid rubber. It is this extremely strong material that allows them to carry large kilos in weight.

The suction cup will lose its suction only when the loss of pressure from inside the cup is leaked. This is when some of the internal air has escaped or the surface has become wet, or slippy. As for a strong heavy-duty suction to hold for a long period, the ideal surface area must be clean, dry and non-porous.

The aim is to equalise the pressure from the atmosphere that surrounds each cup. Other factors to consider that will determine the strength of the suction, include things such as the quality of suction cups, their size, their lifting capacity, the applied force and the porosity of the surface you are suctioning onto.


Can Glass Suction Cups Help to Lift Other Items?

Glass suction cups can also be used on other materials too, they are not limited to just lifting and manoeuvring glass.

Lift hard plastics, metals, tiles, kitchen countertops as well as furniture pieces and household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines or fridge freezers. A suction cup can help you lift anything that has a solid non-porous surface.

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Best Glass Suction Cups for Windows

At GGR Glass, we have a variety of suction cups of all different sizes and all different lifting capacities. To give you more insight into the amazing glass suction cups that we have to offer, we have listed some of the best down below.



When you want to lift windows, you will want to choose a suitable suction cup. This Double Pad Suction Cup will do the job well. Easy to use thanks to its lightweight nature, this device can safely lift heavy windows of up to 60kg in weight. 

A plastic switch allows simple attachment and detachment from the surface of the glass or other material. Use this double-pad suction cup for glazing tasks such as skylights, glass doors and mirrors too.



This Triple Pad Suction Cup is among the most heavy-duty you can get. A popular choice for all glazing projects due to its fantastic capabilities. Lifting to 80kg in weight makes it a perfect choice for professionals and commercial glazing projects.

If you need a suction cup to lift windows, then you can bet this device will be able to handle your load.



Next up we have our 22.7kg D-Cup Lifter, a release bar that allows you to break the suction. These tools are used widely on smooth surfaced objects. They are also fairly small and lightweight, suitable for handheld use and easily transported.



These 34 kg D-Cup Lifters are easy-to-use duel cups that are effective at lifting heavier loads that are also longer in shape - and are ideal if you have fit or removed elongated windows. When you are finished moving, release the trigger to let go of the trigger mechanism.

Remember that suction cups like this one are suitable for lifting other materials and have other uses too. For example, this suction cup can be especially good for lifting floor tiles due to its shape.


GGR Glass Can Always Help You

Need any help with our products or a particular tool you are after? Perhaps we can advise you on what you need to get a particular glazing job done. Talk to us at GGR Glass, our experts are always here and willing to help you. Remember whichever suction cup you choose to lift your windows, make sure it has the right lifting capacity for you to carry out the job safely.

We have everything from suction cups, vacuum cups, textured suction cups, curved suction cups, as well as a fair share of deglazing tools, glass transport equipment and lifting accessories too.

Browse our website for all of our top glazing products, you can also find all of our contact details should you need to get in touch with us.