When lifting heavy glass, the process has to be carefully organised for it to be carried out safely. You can’t just jump straight in when lifting heavy glass panels, and it also requires a lot of communication throughout the process between the people that are helping to lift it, either manually or when operating machinery and equipment.

Whether you are in the glazing profession or if you are looking to lift glass yourself at home for your own DIY projects, it is important to know how to lift heavy glass.

If you are not a professional and depending on how heavy the glass is, manual handling of heavy glass loads may not be possible. Read this article if you want to find out how to lift heavy glass, the best tools for the job and important PPE that should always be worn, so keep reading to find out more.


Heavy Glass Lifting

You can lift heavy glass manually or with the help of machinery or equipment. When the glass load is particularly heavy, it is always best to use equipment or machinery to lift the load.

Glass is often a difficult material to hold and carry with just your hands and it can be extremely dangerous when not handled or lifted correctly, any sliding can lead to damage and breakage. Lifting operations are often always carried out because of this.

Glass Lifting

Have The Right Equipment for the Job

Glass must be lifted safely to avoid accidents. Having the right glass lifting equipment is therefore essential and it ensures an easy, more efficient lift.

Large and heavy panels of glass are still prone to breakage so need to be handled correctly. Consider the weight, where you need to move your heavy glass and upon what terrain.

At GGR Glass, we have many lifting tools, devices and other equipment that will help and aid you to get the job done and get it done well. You can lift all kinds of heavy loads with GGR Glass.


Get Your PPE Ready

Whether you are glazing or on a construction site, get your PPE (personal protective equipment) ready so that you can partake in safe load lifting. Even if you are not manually lifting glass, the correct PPE should be worn no matter what the size of the job.

Some of the top safety personal protection equipment that should be worn under certain circumstances include:

  • Safety glasses - protective eyewear is crucial when working with glass at all times
  • Appropriate clothing - long sleeves and full-length trousers
  • Safety boots - potentially steel-toe boots if you are on a construction site
  • Safely gloves - can protect the hands from scratches and splinters


Lifting Equipment in Construction

When glass panels are particularly heavy, construction equipment is roped in to help. This will include machinery, attachments and accessories that are needed for fixing and securing the glass in order for it to be lifted to its desired location.

To give you some insight into what construction equipment is used to aid heavy glass lifting then some examples are given below.



A hoist is a great one, as it can use a drum or a lift wheel to lift a load and can be operated electrically, manually or hydraulically too.


A crane is good for lifting heavy loads in all areas of construction. Many different types of cranes are used in construction, including:

  • Tower crane
  • Crawler crane
  • Telescopic crane
  • Crane on wheels


GGR Glass Lifting Equipment

Read on to learn more about the best glass lifting equipment at GGR Glass.


Suction Cups

Never underestimate the lifting power of glass suction cups. Suction cups come in various lifting capacities, with some of the larger models being able to lift heavier loads.

Take the GGR3 Suction Cup Triple Pad, for example, it is a heavyweight suction cup that is designed with three lifting pads for heavy lifting. This model of suction cup can be used for domestic jobs and commercial jobs too and has a lifting capacity of 80kg.


Self-Locking Transport Dolly

Next, we have this handy piece of equipment that is the self-locking transport dolly. This is a simple yet useful piece of kit that is designed to move glass and other objects across a site. It is fairly compact and easy to use. It will help you drive loads of up to 250kg across uneven ground thanks to the sizable pneumatic tyre wheels. It even has a convenient carry handle for after you are done moving your load.


Vacuum Suction Cups

Our vacuum suction cups from GGR are some of the strongest suction cups that there are out there. The vacuum on these cups is what helps to create a really strong hold. Always check the lifting capacity on the product description to work out which one you need for your intended load.


Lifting Sling

We have various lifting slings and accessories available at GGR Glass, so be sure to check them out. With the help of the right lifting sling, it can help take the stress away from delicate lifting jobs.

Browse the straps we have on offer through our website, there are many that can help with lifting heavy loads.


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Final Note

Contact us at GGR Glass if you want to know more about glass lifting, along with any tools or equipment that we have to offer - or any other glazing query. Find the right lifting equipment with GGR Glass today; we are the experts in all things glass and glazing tools.

As an established business that has been running for many years and is part of the GR Group of companies, we are Europe's leading supplier of vacuum handling equipment, lifting machinery and mini cranes too.

Our products complement each other and we are sure we can help you find the right lifting equipment for your needs, providing innovative lifting solutions to our customers is what we do best so we can definitely help you with the task of lifting heavy glass.

Whether you need a crane or vacuum lifter hire, with an extremely wide range of lifting capacities, and suitable to lift a variety of materials, curved surfaces and irregular shapes, so come to GGR Glass today.