Glass suction cups for glass and other materials are used in both commercial and industrial settings. For the lifting, moving and positioning of glass, although they can be used to lift other materials too.

Vacuum suction cups are the best for lifting non-porous and smooth materials, depending on the model, however, some vacuum suction cups can lift bumpy surface materials too. Rougher textured surfaces make it harder to secure a solid, strong vacuum and this is not advised unless you know for sure your suction lifter can do this, so check before you attempt to lift porous rough-surfaced items.

In today's post, we are going to be listing some strong suction cups that you can buy with us at GGR Glass. Our suction cups range from very small to large and their lifting capacities grow the larger the tool, so read on if you would like to know more about the suction cups that we have available and their lifting capacities.


Suction Cups


What Exactly Is a Suction Cup?

A suction lifter or suction cup is a tool that is particularly useful when lifting very large sheets of material. Large sheets of glass, kitchen countertops and large floor tiles are all examples of materials that suction cups can safely lift and manoeuvre.

Anything awkward to carry manually, usually large panels of material that has a tendency of breaking if not handled correctly, care needs to be taken and suction cups allow for easy carrying.

Suction cups are made out of high quality and strong flexible rubber to allow for them to be pushed onto a surface easily but with strong suction. Suction cups can be hand-operated and also be operated by a hoist for those on a larger scale.


How Do Suction Cups Work?

Suction cups and glass suction lifters work by maintaining a vacuum between the surface of the material being lifted and the cup itself. A suction vacuum is created by pushing down onto the surface with the tool which pushes the air out, causing the tool to be stuck securely to the panel, ensuring safe lifting.

It is the pressure between the atmosphere on the outside of the cup and the low pressure on the inside of the cup that keeps the cup adhered to the surface, for that strong, continuous hold.


The Load Capacity

The load capacity will depend on the type, size and number of suction cups attached to a single tool. A typical hand-operated device can lift loads between 10kg and 60kg per lifter. Hoist operated suction lifters can have anywhere between 1 and 50 suction cups and lift well in excess of 1000kg.

Below is information on a range of different suction cups and the total loads they can hold.


11.3kg Suction Cup

Simple yet effective, the handle on this tool allows easy use of the suction cup and is great for moving materials such as steel, aluminium, sheet metal, glass, plastic sheets, ceramic tiles, stone and many more smooth surfaced materials.

With a lifting capacity on this tool of 11.3kg, simply apply a suction cup to a clean and dry surface and to release pull the trigger.


15.8kg Suction Cup

The G-Man 15.8kg has a lifting power of 15.8kg and a diameter of 127mm, this simple and effective tool is easy to use, once the cup is applied to the surface you just lift and move and once you are ready to release, the trigger mechanism allows for a quick and easy release of the cup from the surface.


Dual Cup Lifter 22.7kg

This dual-cup allows for easier lifting for heavier loads of up to 22.7kg. Our D-Cup Lifter is light yet is ideal for lifting or pulling floor tiles and a range of other smooth surfaced materials, suction can be broken by a finger-operated release bar.


Butterfly Handle 30kg Suction Cup

With a lifting power of 30kg, this is a lightweight and versatile butterfly suction cup, easy to use for the setting and levelling of double glazed windows, mirrors, sheet metal and more non-porous materials.

This butterfly handle mechanism provides an instant lifting aid, reducing the risk of any injury by moving loads manually. This suction cup can be quickly applied and released for ease of use and is made from rust-resistant, polished aluminium.


Double Pad Suction Cup 60kg

Double suction pads are lightweight yet made from heavy-duty aluminium offering a lifting power of up to 60kg. Perfect for installing glazing, skylights, glass doors, mirrors, plastic and many more large materials that are awkward to carry manually.

Our GGR2 Suction Cup Double Pad has a sturdy handle which provides handhold lift and shifts the safety of heavy goods, without damaging the surface of the load, whilst a hard-wearing ABS plastic flip switch allows for an easy attachment and release system of the vacuum.


Triple Pad 80kg Suction Cup

This heavy-duty triple suction cup tool is a popular choice for commercial and residential glazing projects, however, it can also be used to lift other heavy materials too.

Anything you need to carry with a smooth surface to it, a suction vacuum can be applied, this includes appliances too. Fridges, freezers, cookers, dishwashers as well as large panels of glass and kitchen countertops can all be picked up with a triple pad suction cup.

Our GGR3 Suction Cup Triple Pad tool has a quick and easy vacuum application and release which, unlike more traditional suction cups, has a plastic flip switch mechanism for quick and easy vacuum and release. This GGR3 Suction Cup Triple Pad tool is our strongest suction tool that you can purchase here at GGR Glass, lifting to an impressive 80kg. This triple suction tool will help you to move heavy loads easily and safely.

Hopefully, you are now informed about the different types of vacuum suction cups available at GGR and their lifting capabilities, do be sure to check out our range on our website, we also stock many other types of glass handling and glazing tools.

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