Handling glass can be tricky. It is often an awkward shape to carry and can be slippy in the hands, causing you to have a limited grip. That being said, it is extremely important to always handle glass with the utmost safety to ensure you and others around you are safe at all times and with as little risk as possible.

We cannot stress the importance of lifting glass safely enough, which is why we bring you this blog post today. Whether you are a professional glazier or are just here to learn more about the importance of handling glass, read on to learn how to handle glass safely, how to do it and what measures to take to reduce the risk when handling glass.


Handling Glass

If you work in the glazing industry, handling glass will be a part of your daily job. Making sure you know the right way to handle glass is essential. Failing to handle glass correctly is a hazard and could easily lead to injury.

Some of the top things to consider when can help up to lift, manoeuvre and handle glass safely and as safely as possible includes:

  • Have the right tools to help you lift
  • Wear the appropriate PPE to protect yourself and minimise the risk of injury
  • Be aware of your surroundings and uneven ground
  • Get someone to help you
  • Be mindful of the weight of the load
  • Be mindful of how fragile glass is and always handle it with care and attention
  • Get some glass transport equipment to help move large glass loads safely


Glass Lifting

The Importance of Glass Safety When Handling Glass

If you do not implement the safety points that have been mentioned above then you run a risk to yourself and others. Risks can include; minor and severe cuts and scratches, being crushed, strain injuries and even as serious as amputations and even death.


Tips on How Handle Glass Safely

Take these points below on board when you come to handle any glass. These tips will help you to lift glass and handle the material as safely as possible.


Use Two Hands

Glass is an awkward material to hold, and grip on glass with your hands alone is limited. If you are handling glass with your bare hands, make sure you always use two hands instead of one.

Having two hands on the glass ensures a safer hold and means if one hand starts to slip the other hand will still have hold of the glass and you can navigate it safely to wherever it needs to go.

Using your hands to carry glass is ok for a short amount of time however if you need to carry glass for longer periods then you should use an appropriate glass lifting tool to help you carry glass.


Carry to Your Side

Make sure when carrying glass with your hands or with the aid of a tool, that you are carrying it to your side. This allows you to see clearly where you are going and see any obstacles or uneven ground that may lie in your path.

Carrying glass in front of you would obscure your vision and carrying it above your head is an absolute no-go. This is extremely dangerous - if the glass were to knock and break and shatter, it would shatter over you and would cause all kinds of nasty injuries to you.

Glass can be heavy so carrying it above your head would put a big strain on your head, neck and back. Strains are always something we want to avoid in the glazing industry.


Ask for Help

If you need help, ask for it. Getting someone to help carry a load of glass can reduce risks and hazards enormously. Two hands are always better than one when it comes to handling materials as delicate and fragile as glass, which is always prone to breaking.

For large sheets of glass, you should have a minimum of two carrying it. You will need to communicate well with each other as you carry the glass to the desired location.


Wear PPE

Wear the correct PPE. This includes gloves, safety goggles, steel-toe boots and a hard hat if you are working on a construction site.

Wearing the right equipment and checking it for faults before you put it on is important. If you see or suspect a fault, do not wear it until you have a replacement.

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Glass Lifting Tools and Equipment with GGR Glass

We have an extremely large range of equipment and tools that can be used to help you to handle glass safely. With the help of the right tools, you are limiting the risk of injury massively.



This GGR1 Suction Cup has a butterfly handle, capable of lifting up to 30kg in weight. Ideal for lighting lots of different glass loads including large windows and mirrors. With this tool, the potential for injuries is limited.

You can apply this cup easily onto the glass for safe carry.



This Triple Pad device is fantastic for glazing in both residential and commercial properties. It is capable of lifting a staggering 80kg in weight and as the name suggests, features three suction cups in one device for a fantastically safe hold on the surface of the glass. This ensures you are safe at all times.

When you are ready to release the suction, simply use the plastic flip switch mechanism to remove the grip on the surface.



This is one of GGR Glass’ bestsellers. A vacuum suction cup is a top choice amongst professionals within the industry. This Powr-Grip tool has a 57 kg lifting capacity and is lightweight too. It makes for the perfect tool when working at a height including up a ladder or whilst on scaffolding.



For heavy loads, you should use a transport dolly such as this Air Dolly. This dolly benefits from a carrying capacity of up to 250kg. It is ideal for transporting heavy glass and other heavy materials across uneven terrain and busy construction sites.


GGR Glass

We value glass safety regulations very seriously here at GGR Glass. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to get in touch with us.

One of our team will always be happy to help you with anything you may need or give any advice wherever it is needed.

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