When it comes to handling glass some tools come in handy and are even considered the most essential glass lifting hand tools around. In this article today we are here to give you GGR’s guide on the best and most essential handheld glass lifting accessories, including the best web slings and the best handheld suction cups, so keep ready for some more information on this.


What is a Glass Lifting Hand Tool?

A glass lifting hand tool is any tool that aids with the lifting of large glass panels - due to their size they can be delicate and often prone to breaking so extra special care has to be taken to avoid damage to them.

Not only can glass lifting hand tools be used to lift large panels of glass they can also be used to lift other large and fragile materials and resources such as kitchen countertops, concrete slabs, tiles and large sheets of metal.

Glass Lifting

What Are Web Slings?

Web slings are flexible, lightweight and have a wide bearing surface which helps protect the load you are lifting. Webbing slings are the most popular types of slings and their strong yet stretchy nature of the material helps minimise shock loading problems.

For some inspiration on what lifting web slings to go for then keep reading for more information on some of the best GGR Glass has to offer.


Continuous Sling

A polyester continuous sling has a robust internal, woven polyester fibre padding. Our round polyester endless slings are available in a variety of lengths for lifting massively impressive 1,2 and 3-tonne loads and are colour coded for easy identification. These durable slings are designed to absorb shock loads so the glass will be safe in your hands whenever you are glass handling.

Durable and incredibly strong, these are designed to absorb shock loads and resist twists and kinks and be used for choke application.


Single Ply Webbing Sling

The polyester single thickness lifting sling is both supple and strong for the easy lifting of 1,2, and 3-tonne loads. Single-ply webbing slings are a lightweight alternative to heavier wire rope or chains as they are flexible with a high strength to weight ratio. The twist-resistant slings provide a wide load bearing area for safely lifting to 3 tonnes of weight.


Two-Ply Polyester Webbing Sling

Our double thickness is extra hardwearing and provides added strength for the lifting of up to 3 tonnes. These particular duplex slings are a safer and more portable alternative to heavy lifting chains. These slings are made to a safety standard and are easily identifiable with colour coded slings and are available in a range of capacities and lengths with a safety factor.


What Are Suction Cups?

Glass suction cups are another tool used for the safe lifting of glass also, they work by sucking onto a non-porous surface such as glass by creating a vacuum - allowing for the safe lifting and manoeuvring of large glass panels.

Suction cups are great for moving and fitting windows, they come in a variety of different sizes for handheld devices, available for lifting a variety of different weights. Suction cups are particularly useful when lifting awkward things to carry, which could be very easily prone to breakage if handled without the use of suction cups.

Suction cups are made from high quality strong flexible rubber to allow for them to be pushed onto a surface easily, creating a vacuum by pushing the air out as it is suctioned on, creating a strong and therefore safe suction. Suction cups can be hand-operated but they do come on a much larger scale and are operated by a hoist or machinery for lifting large and heavy commercial materials. We are just going to mention some of the hand-operated suctions cups that we stock here at GGR Glass.


The ArcherGrab

The ArcherGrab is a two-fingered lifter, this device is designed to lift smaller objects with a lifting capacity of 4.5kg and just 83mm in diameter. This smaller lifter is useful for manoeuvring glass on a cutting table and in difficult glazing locations. This suction lifter is complete with an easy release tab.


Butterfly Handle Suction Cup

This butterfly handled suction cup is lightweight and has a 30kg lifting power capacity. Easy for lifting, setting and levelling double glazed windows, mirrors and sheet metal, non-porous tile and more.

The butterfly handle mechanism allows for easy application and release, it is rust-resistant, has a diameter of 120mm and is lightweight and durable.


Double Pad Suction Cup

This double pad suction cup is made from lightweight, heavy-duty aluminium offering 60kg lifting power. Great for lifting glazing, doors, mirrors, plastics and metals plus many more.

With immediate handhold safety, ready to lift and shift whenever you need. This device has a plastic flip switch that allows simple attachment and release of the vacuum to non-porous surfaces to complete any lifting job quickly and easily without causing damage to the materials.


Triple Pad Suction Cup

A heavy-duty device involving three large suction cup heads is attached in one. This triple pad device is a popular choice for both commercial and residential glazing projects as well as the day-to-day heavy lifting of other materials too. This particular device has a quick and easy vacuum application and releases thanks to its plastic flip switch mechanism, it has a lifting capacity of 80kg.


Why GGR?

We hope we have explained to you and introduced you to some of our most essential lifting hand tools for glazing windows - which can be used for other uses too.

GGR Glass can help you with all your glass lifting devices, including manual lifting handling tools and when it comes to web slings, GGR Glass can produce slings up to 100-tonne capacity and up to 18 metres long as part of our bespoke webbing sling service. Do get in touch with us if you wish to find out more.

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