Vacuum suction cups can be found in many glazier’s tool kits - and for good reason. They are one of the most important tools and they have the ability to make a glazier’s job so much easier.

In this guide, we will be talking all about vacuum suction cups, what they are, their unusual uses and also what they are most commonly used for. After reading this guide, you will be well informed about these useful and key tools so read on to find out more information.


Suction Cups


What Are Vacuum Suction Cups?

Vacuum suction cups are tools that are made and designed to hold, lift and manoeuvre heavy objects and other heavy or large materials, in particular - glass.

Used widely in the glazing industry, these tools are experts at lifting glass, and window panes for both glazing and deglazing jobs. The delicate nature of glass means that extra care has to be taken when handling it so that it does not bang or scratch any other surfaces or objects and cause harm or damage in any way.

Vacuum cups come in many forms from handheld devices to hoists or machine-operated devices too. The machine-operated and hoist versions of these tools are mainly for large objects and materials and are usually more for commercial glazing projects.

A vacuum suction cup material is known for usually being made from super strong and flexible rubber. The flexibility allows for the cups to be pushed down onto a surface easily whilst being strong enough to achieve a safe and reliable suction.


How Do Suction Cups Work?

Pressed firmly with a downward motion pressure onto glass or any other non-porous material or object, the cup will force the negative air out of the cup, leaving behind that lasting suction hold that you can rely on.

Some suction devices will feature a lever or handle or even a generator to hold that strong suction force even stronger and for longer. This is usually with more advanced or larger, heavy-duty devices.

The pressure gathered between the vacuum suction cup and the object in question is what allows the object to be lifted. Once the object (often glass) is in place it can be disconnected from the sucker which allows the object's release.

The pressure inside of the cup will always try and equalise itself. This is why the edges of the cup must always be flat against the surface of the object. The cup can lose its tight seal if the surface is not flat, which could cause great harm and damage to the glass and yourself and others around you.


What Are Vacuum Suction Cups Used For?

Glass vacuum suction cups can be used to lift other things too. They can lift materials such as plastics, acrylics, marbles, and metals such as stainless steel.

Vacuum suction cups can also lift objects and appliances such as mirrors, worktops, fridges, washing machines and dishwashers. Any object or material with a smooth surface and made from non-porous materials is usually the rule for standard flat suction cups.

Vacuum suction cups are great for handling awkward-to-lift things. Items that are heavy and/or are of an awkward shape could result in a loss of grip if you were to attempt to carry the material or object by hand.

These are the reasons why these tools are popular and used so much in the glazing industry - lifting glass sheets or panels with a vacuum suction tool makes the job so much easier.

If you would like to know more about the other uses for suction cups then keep on reading below to discover what else they can lift and why you should own one in your kit.


Windscreen Replacement

A type of glass, yes, but replacing windscreens would be a near impossible task without the help of vacuum suction cups.

Specially designed glass suction cups can tailor to the slight curvature of a windscreen and the slight variations of these curves from one vehicle to the next. Not every glass lifter can handle lifting curved materials so it is always important to double-check this for your own safety.


Window Fitting

As these devices are great for handling glass they are especially useful for fitting windows. Fitting windows can be a precise and tricky task without the help of the right tool and damaging any glass at the window fitting stage would be very frustrating.

The right lifting device for the job is always required to guarantee the safety of the glass and yourself. You can even purchase a vacuum suction lifter that has a pressure loss indicator which helps greatly in preventing any accidents, slips or drops.


Large and Heavy Objects

Anything large, heavy or of an awkward size and therefore difficult to carry or manoeuvre, vacuum suction cups can help you with. This gives them endless opportunities to find use in your home!

Any heavy furniture pieces such as wardrobes, drawers, large tables, cabinets or other furniture units as well as all the major kitchen appliances - suction cups have got you covered. Handheld devices are small enough to store in your home without being too bulky and taking up too much storage space, whilst still being strong enough to get the job done and make lifting and carrying a whole lot easier.

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From reading our guide you will now be aware of all the amazing uses of vacuum suction cups and how they operate to get the job done. Minimising the health and safety risks to yourself and others around you.

Whether you use a suction device at work or home, having a vacuum suction device will result in you finding more uses for it than you thought you needed it for.

Do browse and click through our suction cup range on our website if you wish to complete tasks more efficiently and with ease. We have suction cups available in all different shapes and sizes and with various lifting capacities for you to compare.

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