Glazing tools are an essential part of the job of a glazier - however, many people don’t realise that glazing tools have more uses than just being beneficial to those that work in the world of glazing. It can be useful to know about the tools as you may need to use them one day - they are handy for anyone who needs to replace a window, as well as other jobs too.

The world of glazing tools can be daunting or overwhelming. There are many on the market and with so many varieties of each, so knowing what to go for can be tough to decide.

We’re here to help - we bring you this guide today to inform you of the essential tool products for glass glazing, so read on for more information.


What are Glazing Tools?

Glazing tools are tools that are purposefully made and used by those that work in the glazing industry. Glaziers are the ones that use them and are professionals at removing and fitting windows.

Glazing tools are used by glaziers to make their job easier - without them, the job of glazing would be a much harder and trickier task.

Working with glass in various locations, setting and challenging surfaces, glazing tools help with cutting windows out, installing windows and doors and transporting windows and glass from one place to another.

Glazing tools can also be used for other jobs too - they are not just for glazing. This is why it is useful to read up on glazing tools whether you are in the glazing industry or not, as you can benefit from them in everyday life and general DIY also.

Some of the jobs glazing tools can help with include: fitting skylights, assisting with bathroom fittings and sealing, carrying heavy and awkward objects such as mirrors, large furniture pieces and kitchen appliances such as a fridge.

Glazing Tools

The Essential Tools for Glass Glazing

Whether you need to remove or replace a window, cut glass or use a drill for certain jobs, tools are totally necessary when it comes to glazing. They make the job so much easier and most importantly - a lot safer!

Below are the main tools you will need for removing, fitting and replacing glazing tasks - whether you are in the business of glazing or not.


Glazier's Hammer

A glazing hammer is one of the most obvious tools in a glazier's or anyone's tool kit. It may be obvious, but this is essential for the world of glazing - you should not be without one in your tool kit.

Used for precision fitting, firm enough to tap windows securely into place yet soft enough to never damage the window frame or glass in any way, this is a classic and great tool.


Putty Knife

A putty knife is designed to insert putty or silicone into a crack or join. Putty knives can also usefully be utilised to remove putty too.


Glazing Shovel

Solid and shockproof, this easy-grip tool can be used to push wedge gaskets into window and door frames. They feature an easy-to-use handle to get the tool into position, and can also be used to remove traces of putty.


Sealant Jointing Tool

Sealant jointing tools create a flush and professional finish is what these tools do best. They can also be mounted onto a pole for those out-of-reach places. These tools are firm enough to get the job done well and soft enough so that will not damage your glass.


Sealant Finisher

Sealant finishers come in a variety of different sizes and with different angles too for sealing joints at all angles. It is useful to have a collection in your kit to prepare you for times when you need to seal at different angles. These tools are inexpensive, so having a few won’t break the bank.


Gasket Roller

Gasket rollers are used for pushing and rolling along gaskets to set them in place when window fitting. They are often found with a pointed end on the opposite side of the roller to shape gasket corners with ease.


Gasket Shears

Accurately cut window gaskets and mitre joints to fit accurately in angles. This tool is ideal for creating mitre cuts in sealing strips.


Glass Suction Cups

Glass suction cups are an absolute must for glazing. Coming in a variety of sizes with various lifting capacities, they allow for the safe lifting, manoeuvring and carrying of glass as well as other materials and objects too. These handy tools prevent the delicate glass from breaking. Check out our blog on why you need glass suction cups here.


Deglazing Tool

Deglazing tools are used for the removal of windows and other seals things. You use a deglazing tool to cut existing sealant out of place, allowing for the easy removal of windows. They are a must-have tool for professional glaziers.


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GGR Glass

From reading our essential tools for glass glazing, you should now be aware of the tools you should own or start with if you are going to participate in glass glazing.

If you are an experienced and professional glazier you will likely be aware of the tools listed above and will own more in your collection.

Contact us at GGR Glass if you wish to know more information about glazing tools or have any questions to do with the glazing industry. A member of our team will be happy to assist you and offer any help and guidance to you where we can.