Double glazing is a great window choice for many reasons. One of the main reasons people choose to go for double glazing is because it is a much more modern solution to windows.

It is often overlooked just how to remove a double-glazed window, what you need to be able to do this and what exactly does a double-glazing removal tool do? For all this and more, please keep reading this blog to find out more information.

Double Glazed Windows

Most double-glazed window units are made from uPVC. This is a type of engineered plastic, with the letters standing for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, meaning that it is an extremely strong and incredibly durable type of plastic which is perfect for use within buildings.

As impressive as double glazing is, eventually it will wear out, usually after 20 or 35 years. This time frame is dependent on the supplier and how your windows have been fitted.

Double glazing is cost-effective, secure, energy saving and low maintenance. Built to last and improve the heat insulation in your home the list of benefits of double glazing goes on.

Glazing Tools

Double Glazing Removal Tools

For double-glazing removal, there are special double-glazing removal tools that can help you to get the job done. Removal tools help you complete any window removal with ease and make the job much simpler.

The double-glazing removal tools that you need are called deglazing tools. An assortment of deglazing tools can be bought from GGR Glass and can make the deglazing process a piece of cake with the help of these handy tools.

You do not have to be a professional to use a deglazing tool to remove double-glazed windows, but our deglazing tools from GGR Glass are widely used in the glazing industry and by professional glaziers.

With the help of a deglazing tool, you may not need to hire a professional for your window removable, simply use a tool to cut out putty and sealant away from the window.


What Does a Double Glazing Removal Tool Do?

A double glazing removal tool otherwise referred to as a deglazing tool is designed to cut through old sealant tape and bead removal, which then allows a window to be removed. They are a must-have tool for removing windows.

Window fitting and removal is a big part of any glazier's job so therefore no professional glazier will be without their deglazing tool.

Deglazing tools feature heat-treated blades that are designed to neatly cut through the toughest of sealants with ease.

A double-glazing removal tool such as these deglazing tools mentioned also helps to minimise mess. This is because the heat-treated blades are so sharp that they can cut through gaskets with ease for a neat job every time.

Without the use of deglazing tools, you can end up making a lot of mess in the room due to the dust and rubble that comes from removing windows.

Create an effortless cut today with deglazing tools, anyone can use them and they are not only to be used on windows and on your front or back door too.

Anything that has a seal of some kind, deglazing tools can be used on. This includes everything that is in the bathroom including; sinks, baths, showers, and anything with a seal that is used to restrict water, moisture or air from passing through.


Deglazing Tools at GGR Glass

If you’re ready to invest in a deglazing tool of your own for all your window removal and seal-cutting needs, then look no further than GGR Glass.

At GGR Glass, we can match you with the perfect deglazing tools for your needs. The deglazing tools that we stock are top-quality tools that are made to last. Invest in the products that we stock, you won’t be disappointed and you know you are investing in quality goods.

Read on to find out more about our deglazing tools and information about the tools that we supply.


The Deglazing Tool

This is our standard deglazing tool device, ideal for first-time users and professionals too. This is a versatile tool for users and this is available to order for left-handed people as well as right-handed people.

This glazing tool is complete with super sharp blades, allowing users to remove any window units including double-glazed units with ease.

The deglazing tool is trouble-free and easy to use, it has a non-slip handle for easy grip and is usable with two hands if you need it. Any stubborn sealant you can say goodbye to with the help of this deglazing tool.


Woods Deglazing Tool

The Woods N4000 Deglazing Tool from GGR Glass combines a vacuum hand cup with a 760mm special pry bar. This practical tool spreads the pressure evenly across non-porous surfaces. It works by spreading the pressure across a surface with its mark-free rubber pad.

This is great for when you want to minimise the risk of damage and marks on surrounding areas such as windows, walls and in bathrooms.


Circular Deglazing Tool

Check out our Circular Deglazing Tool. It has been designed to remove structurally bonded units. Finely cut through sealant and tape and when your blades eventually go blunt, replacement blades are available.

Always keep your fingers and hands safe with the safety knuckle guard, perfect for beginners who are not as confident using deglazing tools yet and have peace of mind with that added safety shield. Work flat against the glass in a safe way for good leverage.

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GGR Glass

Now that you are familiar with what a double-glazing removal tool does and how a deglazing tool works, check out our entire collection online. At GGR Glass, we not only stock deglazing tools, but we stock a whole variety of different glazing tools for you to explore.

Any questions you may have about deglazing or any other type of glazing question then please do not hesitate to get in touch. An expert member of our team will be happy to answer any queries or questions you may have.