Whilst you might always remember the glazing tools such as sealant finishers, or deglazing tools, tools for glass cutting are important too.

The right glass-cutting tools can easily make or break a job. Not all glass is suitable to be cut by hand. For thicker glass on large-scale projects, the glass will be made to order - and will already come pre-cut for a glazier to install.

If, however, you are a glazier and you need to cut glass on the job, then be sure to read this blog to brush up on your knowledge of some of the best glass-cutting tools that you can buy. There are a few options from the list to choose from, so read on for more information.



Glazing Tools

Glazing tools can be used by glaziers or by those who participate in general DIY, as many glazing tools can have other uses such as our suction cups, which can help to lift and carry a number of different materials and items - not just for being used in the glazing industry alone.

Glazing tools help a glazier get the job done well and get it done much easier. For a glazier, you might never know just when you might cut or trim down some glass. In cases such as these, it is useful to have a glass cutter in your kit and to hand at all times.


What Are Glass Cutting Tools?

Glass-cutting tools are essential in the glazing industry. That clean score on glass is needed when it comes to fitting windows, for that exact window fit.

With glass cutters, a line of weakness is formed when you use properly designed glass-cutting tools. This is what allows glazing to cut glass and manipulate it as they want. Learning how to cut glass properly with a glass cutter is what will allow for easy and clean separation of the two sections of the glass.

Having the right tool for the job at hand is also what will allow you to cut the glass easily and as seamlessly as possible.


Top Tools for Cutting Glass From GGR Glass

Below we will share some of our most popular tools used for cutting glass with our tools from GGR Glass. Read on to discover more about some of the best glass-cutting tools that you can add to your glazing kit.


Toyo Pattern Dry Wheel Glass Cutter - TC22

This Toyo design glass cutter is a Japanese-made glass cutter, made for professionals in the industry for patterned glass cutting. Complete with an ergonomic barrel and swivel head means comfortable cutting all day long. This blade must be dipped in oil prior to cutting and it is extremely durable and hard-wearing. It will give you the finish you are after when cutting 6-10mm thick glass, time and time again.


Toyo Straight Dry Wheel Glass Cutter - TC20

Another dry wheel glass cutter. This Toyo model features a carbide wheel and is suitable for cutting 2-10mm of glass. You can cut glass easily with the easy-to-grip handle, designed to cut glass straight and must also be dipped in oil when using so as to not damage or dull the blade.


Glass Circle Cutter 600mm

For all your circle-cutting needs. This circle glass cutter is particularly useful when being used on glass and mirrors for a cutting maximum of 600mm diameter with this practical glazing compass. The tungsten carbide wheels around the vacuum cup centre attachment.


Toyo Straight Oil Fed Glass Cutter Pistol Grip - TC600S

This oil-fed glass cutter is the ultimate for giving you clean, straight lines. You will have the ultimate control thanks to the safe, ergonomic handle which makes for a comfortable and easy grip whilst you work. This tool is suitable for professionals as well as beginners - and is handily fed oil into the head of the cutter, so you will not need a separate glass cutting oil to lubricate whilst you cut.

Say hello to safe and clean glass cutting with the comfiest handle. It will help you avoid any repetitive strain injury down the line.


Glass Cutting Oil

Make sure you have some of the glass cutting oil in your glazing kit for those dry-wheel glass cutters. If you have one of the dry wheel cutters, then glass cutting oil is essential. Oil is used to ensure a clean cut and break in the glass, every time.

Our semi-synthetic glass cutting oil at GGR Glass is suitable for all your dry wheels and will prolong the lifespan of your blades. It protects the tool and prevents it from rusting, whilst it can be easily washed off with water.

It is important to invest in a good quality cutting oil such as this one. The oil is developed specifically for helping with the cutting of glass, no matter how sharp you believe your glass cutting blade to be. A few drops of cutting oil will not go a miss and can help you deliver smooth, precise and consistent lines every time.

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Final Note

Regardless of what you need cutting, at GGR Glass, we have it all. For all your glazing needs we have everything you can want to get the job done and get the best results that you possibly can.

We hope we have given you some insight into the top tools for cutting glass. You have a range of options above to choose from that you can decide on based on what you need to cut.

Contact us at GGR Glass if you have any questions for us about glass cutting or any other glazing matter, including the job or the tools in glazing. Whether you are new to glazing or a long-experienced professional glazier, we are always happy to help and offer our support where we can.

All of our contact details can be found on our website if you need to get in touch and feel free to check out our other blogs for more information on glazing and glazing tools, handy guides and great top tips. This is great if you are in the business of glazing or just need some glazing DIY help.