Sealant tools are simple yet excellent tools to have in all tool kits. They are effective at doing their job well and they are something that no professional glazier will do without.

We are here to bring attention to a product that we stock and that is the Sealant Finisher Tool Set. This is a handy set of tools that are made up of four different sealant tool shapes, complete with different angles so you can create that aesthetically pleasing and practical sealant finish at any angle you need. Read on to learn more information about this handy set of tools.


What Is a Sealant Finisher?

A sealant finisher is a tool that is designed to make the job of sealing much easier. They can be used to smooth down sealant into a crack or joint to create that smooth sealant finish that everyone tries to create when sealing.

Creating that smooth sealant finish is what these tools are best known for. Wherever you need to seal, these finishers have got you covered. They are great for use in your bathroom, kitchen and on windows and doors too. They come in so handy in lots of ways and a great sealant finisher should be in everyone's tool kit.

What Are Sealants?

Sealants are flexible materials that are used to stop things like water and air from passing through surfaces, therefore creating an airtight seal and one that is more often than not a waterproof seal too.

There are many different types of sealants out there on the market that you can buy. Different types of sealants are useful for different things. The more common types of sealants that you will often find in the construction and glazing industry include sealants made from materials such as:

  • Acrylic
  • Water-based
  • Butyl
  • Polysulfide
  • Silicone
  • Polyisobutylene
  • Mastic

Sealants are useful and they can even save you a lot of money on your energy bills. Save putting your heating on and create a fix to those pesky drafts by sealing any air from entering your home, thus making it warmer by trapping the heat. With energy bills being higher than they have ever been before, it might be worth taking a look into the old sealant on your windows and doors before the weather gets too cold.


The Sealant Finisher Set

No sealant is too difficult to seal with this set of four sealant finishing tools. This complete set features sealant finishers that are shaped at different sizes and angles for all those awkward angled cracks and harder-to-reach places.

When sealing, you never quite know the angle you need to seal until you come to it. This is why having this set of tools at the ready is always handy.

Each tool in this set measures approximately 40x40mm, whilst the different angles on each tool allow for that professional finish every time. You can smooth the sealant into any crack or gap with ease with one of these tools, ensuring the tightest bond and securest seal.

The tools in this pack feature 2-6 edges which are ideal for all standard joint sizes to be used without much pressure. Whether that be on sinks, on your bath, on windows and doors, tiles or mirrors, the list goes on for the number of things and items you can seal with the help of these tools.

Get this handy sealant finishing set and it could be all you ever need to finish off many different types of sealants into many cracks and joints. Some of the top and key features that these finishing tools provide include:


  • Sealant edge for trimming expansion joints 4mm
  • Suitable for different ranges of sealant edge thicknesses
  • 0mm sealant edge for removing gap fillers
  • Different edges are great to use on cracks without the need for pressure


Get That Perfect Finish

Get a perfect finish every time with our handy set of four. If you are wondering why it might be important to get that perfect sealant finish, then we are here to tell you at GGR Glass.

Firstly, having a neat sealant is something you will want to work towards achieving. It gives a professional finish which will firstly look visually appealing and neat in your home, and not only that but getting that neat finish is to serve a purpose too.

Almost all sealants have got to be waterproof, both in their material and the way they have been sealed. An incorrectly sealed joint will let in moisture, causing mould and dampness to form. If left untreated the leaky seal will get worse, so it is important to seal correctly in the first place to avoid this.

It takes some practice along with some skill to get the perfect sealant finish. It takes a professional glazier a while to perfect the skill of sealant perfectly every time. Once you have nailed the process, you can do it with ease. Help yourself create that perfect sealant with the help of our sealant finisher tool set.

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Why You Should Use a Sealant Finishing Tool

You should use a sealant finishing tool, like this pack of four we have mentioned in this blog, as without a tool, sealing a crack can be a messy job.

As you squeeze sealant into a joint or crack it will undoubtedly be overflowing and rough when you squeeze it out of the tube. It is the job of the sealant finisher to smooth down the sealant before it sets and goes stiff.

With a sealant finisher, smoothing down the sealant can make for an easy and satisfying task to do. If you do not have a sealant finisher to hand for whatever reason, an alternative tool to use can include the end of an old toothbrush or even your dampened finger (a damp finger ensures the sealant does not stick to your skin).


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