If you are in the glazing industry then you will be aware of gasket rollers. A gasket roller can help anyone who happens to be sealing windows and makes their job a whole lot easier.

We bring you this guide to discuss everything you need to know about gasket rollers, including what they are, and how they are used along with plenty of information about window gaskets themselves.

Our guide will also take you through some of the best gasket rollers that you can buy depending on the type of job you need them for, so read on to find out more about gasket rollers.


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What Is a Gasket Roller?

A gasket roller is a popular tool for those in the glazing industry. They are used for fitting gasket seals and pushing them into their set place.

Gasket rollers help a glazier, making their job easier, especially when shaping gaskets into window corners to help make the perfect gasket seal. A gasket seal is the connection between two components and is usually used when no leaking is required - which is essential when window fitting.

Gasket rollers are often pointed at one end, with the roller on the other. The pointed bit is a handy feature and is used to help properly shape gaskets into corners with complete ease. Then the free-running plastic roller is used to be rolled along the gaskets to push them into place, for that seamless finish.


What Are Window Gaskets?

A window gasket, more commonly known as a ‘window seal’ is something that is used to fit the edges of your windows or your door when they are fitted into your home to prevent drafts, water and dampness from entering.

Window gaskets are excellent at protecting from the outside elements and are always waterproof and weatherproof. It is important to take notice of when your window gaskets may be looking worn, tired or faulty in any way. If this happens, then their effectiveness will be compromised.

If your window gaskets happen to be faulty you may notice air entering through the gaps, water gathering on the windowsill or a lot of noise caused by the wind and weather from outside. To solve the problem of weathered window gaskets, you should replace and fit a new window gasket - and that's where your gasket roller comes in.


Why Do Window Gaskets Deteriorate?

There are several reasons why your window gaskets may deteriorate and weather away and therefore fail to do their job.

The main reason and a common reason is that they have simply been there for too long. This is because a window gasket can become flat and tired and lose its effectiveness over time. Cold weather and temperature changes can also cause your gasket to expand and shrink.

This repeated over time can cause your seal to shrink which pulls it out from the corner of your windows, which can then make your gaskets brittle over time and it can start to crumble.

It is recommended to check on your window gaskets every 5 years to make sure everything is still in check. Although most seals will last around 10 years or longer, it is always best practice to check on them before this time is up.


Types of Window Gaskets

There are a few different types of window gaskets. The main types include bubble gaskets, E gaskets, wedge gaskets and flipper gaskets. Each type of window gasket has a slightly different shape, which ensures you get the perfect fit with the right style every time.

Bubble gaskets are for curved shapes, whilst a wedge seal can be commonly found in uPVC windows.


How to Fit a New Window Gasket

If you need to fit a new window gasket it can be a reasonably straightforward process. Start by removing part of the existing window gasket. To help you with this, you can use a deglazing tool to help you remove the gasket with ease.

Choose the right gasket to match and pay close attention to the window measurements. When fitting down the new gasket you can use your gasket roller to seal it down into the gap between the window’s glass and the frame until a perfectly secure seal has been achieved.


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GGR’s Guide to Gasket Rollers

At GGR Glass we have all the gasket rollers you could ever need to get the job done. Read on below to find out more about the gasket rollers that we rate as the best and that you can order from us directly today!


Gasket Roller

This is our classic gasket roller and the most popular among our gasket roller tools. This tool can fit gasket seals into uPVC or aluminium window frames. It features a free-running plastic wheel that is used for pushing the gasket into place. Use the reserve side and pointed edge for those gasket corners.


Gasket Roller Deluxe

Next, we have our Gasket Roller Deluxe model. This gasket roller comes with a 10mm thick and straight wheel for simple and easy rolling of window gaskets, glazing spline and seals.

This superior model features a quality aluminium blue handle with hardware of brushed steel components that make this the highest-quality gasket roller on the market. The wheel is 40mm in diameter and runs along with ball bearings.


Gasket Roller Deluxe X-Long

This is our Deluxe X-Long Gasket Roller, this gasket roller is made with an extra long handle for those hard-to-reach places.

Opt for this gasket roller to reach those higher windows or upper parts of a window frame with the need for a ladder. You should not be without this genius tool - not only is it handy, but it will also help minimise risks and hazards due to the fact you will not need a ladder with the use of this tool. It really is a win-win tool for many glaziers.

This deluxe gasket roller has a durable handle that is rust-proof and made from brushed steel for the most comfortable yet safest grip. The wheel is angled and 8-10mm thick which is suitable for pushing most gasket seals and flat splines into window grooves.