Suction cups come in many different shapes and sizes, including with and without handles. At GGR Glass we supply a range of tools for glazing and other glass work. This includes our selection of hand cups and suction cups which have various different handles to help you manoeuvre glass safely.

What is a Suction Cup?

When handling glass around a work site a suction cup is an essential tool that enhances safety and reduces the risk of breakages. They are typically shaped with a circular suction pad and a sturdy handle. These tools are used by attaching the cup to a surface (typically flat and smooth) which then provides extra grip and control when moving a load.

A suction cup attaches to a load through the removal of the air inside the cup. With less air pressure inside the sealed cup, the outside air then pushes (or seals) the cup against the surface. Suction cups all come with different load capacities ranging between 1.8kg to 80kg at GGR Glass. Or if you choose a hand cup their capacity reaches up to 170kg.

Do Suction Cups Have Handles?

Almost all suction cups for glazing use have handles as if the intention is for it to help you lift an object as handles are essential. Without handles, it will mean the user will still struggle to find a safe grip on the load. However, many suction cups intended for different uses don’t have handles. For example, our range of suction mounts have no handle and are used for holding devices in place.

Below we have listed our variety of suction cups with handles. Each below have different handle types and provide different gripping ability.


This particular suction cup is the smallest in our range and can lift up to 1.8kg. While only small it can still lift pretty sizable glazing as well as tiles and acrylic. With this FingerGrab the ring handle allows the user to easily loop their finger through the ring. Retaining the use of the rest of their fingers and full wrist motility the user can easily manipulate the load into place.

Weighing just 10g with a 57mm diameter the cup is highly portable. A necessary tool for any glazier you can easily slip it into your toolbox for whenever you might need it. You can use this tool alongside a glass vacuum lifter to help move larger glazing into place or just for avoiding fingerprints on smaller glazing.


Lift up to 5.4kg using the MorkGrab, a four-finger handle suction cup. Moulded to comfortably support all four fingers you can form a strong grip on the handle for safely lifting loads. Made from sturdy rubber the cup creates a strong hold on smooth, flat surfaces, making it suited for lifting glass, mirrors, marble, and more.

The connected easy-release tabs make removing the MorkGrab from all surfaces simple without the worry of marking the surface. The lightweight and flexible design also makes applying it to your object of choice easy.

G-Man 15.8kg

With the G-Man 15.8kg the curved handle provides leverage over the load of the glass for easy manipulation. The metal handle allows the user to smoothly press the cup onto their glass to activate the suction. Once attached to the load you can simply lift the load with one hand with the provided support from the handle.

To release the vacuum there is an ergonomic lever below the handle which is easily reached by your fingers when handling materials. With a press of the lever, you can set down your glazing without any marks on the surface.

D-Cup Lifter 34kg

This suction cup duo adds extra reassurance to your lift in the unlikely chance one of the cups fails. The strong metal handle construction provides sturdy control when lifting and turning glazing. The finger-operated suction release bar is in easy reach while using the D-Cup. With this simple mechanism, you can reduce all contact with the glass and loads you are lifting.

The double rubber cups create a tight seal for a generous 34kg max capacity. The 127mm cup diameter provides plenty of coverage over the surface area of the load, supporting it fully.

GGR3 Suction Cup

The triangulated formation of these cups offers three points of support to your loads. Find easier manipulation and lifting of loads with the ergonomic hollowed handle which allows easy side carrying of loads.

With an 80kg max capacity, you can lift a wide range of heavy objects including glass, tiles, and kitchen countertops. The flippable switch on each cup locks in the vacuum for a continuous hold on loads. Then once you have set your load down you can release the vacuum by flipping the switches up again.


At GGR Glass we have over 25 years experience in supplying glass-handling equipment. We have the expertise and quality products needed to help you complete your glazing jobs. To speak to one of our experts about what tools are best for you contact us here.