When it comes to the heavy lifting of glass and stone for various projects the right tools for the job can streamline and reduce accidents associated with heavy lifting tasks. That's where specialised equipment like hand cups and carry clamps come into play, offering indispensable support to glaziers and construction site workers. And now, at GGR Glass, we're excited to offer an incredible deal – 25% off on our Oktopus Hand Cups and selected Carry Clamps! But hurry, this offer ends Sunday.

Oktopus Hand Cups

Glass hand cups allow glaziers to apply a secure grip to glass and other materials which may typically be difficult to hold and have sharp edges, facilitating the safe handling of various items.

Oktopus 70 Suction Cup

The Oktopus 70 suction cup is a versatile tool designed to tackle a range of lifting tasks with ease. Capable of hoisting loads up to 40kg, including glass sheets, marble and metal plates, this suction cup is the perfect partner for your lifting tasks. Equipped with a vacuum gauge which indicates loss of vacuum the Oktopus 70 ensures both reliability and convenience in every lift.

Oktopus 150 Suction Cup

The Oktopus 150 suction cup offers a lifting capacity of up to 70kg, making it a versatile companion for handling various materials, from glass to marble and metal plates. Rigorously tested for both safety and durability, this suction cup features a vacuum gauge for identifying vacuum loss and enhancing overall lifting confidence. Whether it's transporting glass sheets across construction sites or manoeuvring materials in workshops, the Oktopus 150 delivers unmatched performance.

Oktopus 300 Suction Cup

For heavy-duty lifting tasks, look no further than the Oktopus 300 Vacuum Cup. With a lifting capacity of up to 120kg, this powerhouse suction cup is your go-to solution for handling glass and other smooth, non-porous materials with ease. Equipped with a vacuum gauge to ensure safe operation, the Oktopus 300 stands as a testament to reliability and efficiency in the most demanding lifting environments.

Carry Clamps

When it comes to transporting stone slabs and heavy materials, carry clamps are essential tools that make the job safer and more efficient.

Single Handed Carry Clamps

Designed for lifting and transporting stone slabs upright, the Single Handed Carry Clamps offer excellent convenience and safety. With a lifting capacity of up to 100kg as a pair, these clamps alleviate strain and provide a secure grip on materials, thanks to their rubber-lined jaws. Whether it's navigating building sites or workshops, these clamps ensure smooth and hassle-free material handling.

Single Carry Clamp

The Single Carry Clamp is your go-to for transferring small to medium-sized slabs with ease. With a lifting capacity of 100kg as a pair, these single-handed carry clamps minimise strain and simplify the transportation of stone slabs across various work environments. Crafted from lightweight yet durable aluminium and equipped with tough rubber pads for added grip and protection, these clamps are built to withstand the rigours of daily use.

Double Handed Carry Clamps

For heavier loads, the Double Handed Carry Clamps are the ultimate lifting solution. With a working load limit of up to 250kg as a pair, these clamps provide superior stability and ease of use for transporting stone slabs, steel plates and other hard materials. Made from lightweight aluminium, these clamps are robust enough to handle diverse applications while reducing the strain of manual handling.


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