For material handling and streamlining glazing projects, the Nemo Grabo vacuum suction cup makes lifting and manoeuvring simple and efficient. Combined with purpose-designed Grabbo accessories you can tackle a variety of challenges you face in day-to-day lifting tasks. The Nemo Grabo is essential for any glazier’s toolbox and now you can receive a staggering 25% off the Nemo Grabo and all accessories at GGR Glass. Find out why you should take advantage of this discount while it lasts below!

Nemo Grabo | was £297.50, now £223.12

The Nemo Grabo vacuum suction cup isn't just another suction cup; it’s an innovative 170kg capacity multipurpose lifting essential. With a robust lifting capacity of up to 170kg (material dependent) and 1.5 hours of constant operation time, it's ideal for various tasks, from door and large window installations to tile and woodwork projects. Plus, it comes equipped with 1.5 hours of constant operating time and user-friendly controls, ensuring you're always ready to tackle the next challenge.

Erguo Handle | was £115.05, now £86.29

Pair your Nemo Grabo with the Erguo Handle to enhance productivity and reduce strain. This ergonomic tool is designed with the user in mind, featuring a lever that allows you to activate the vacuum with a simple squeeze of the hand. With the Erguo Handle, manoeuvring loads becomes a breeze, minimising the need for bending and hunching, thus reducing fatigue and the risk of injuries.

Rock Seal | was £35, now £26.25

The Grabo Rock Seal is engineered to optimise the handling of rugged materials such as rocks and stones with height differences of up to 10mm. With its innovative design and compatibility with all Grabo models, it ensures a secure grip on uneven surfaces while still maintaining the Grabo’s 170kg capacity. The robust and extra-thick foam seal makes it perfect for lifting a range of materials, including wood, slate and rough concrete.

Slender Seal | was £50, now £37.50

For lifting thinner and longer materials with precision and ease the Grabo Slender Seal can be paired with the Nemo Grabo. The thinner seal allows for gripping extended, narrow surfaces, making it perfect for various applications, from pavers to custom benchtops. Seamlessly interchangeable with the standard Grabo seal it ensures a secure seal on challenging material dimensions and it's a must-have addition to your toolkit.

Spare Battery | was £45.50, now £34.12

Ensure uninterrupted operation with this Spare Battery, compatible with all Grabo models. With its large capacity and robust construction, it provides up to 900 operating cycles or 1.5 hours of continuous operation when fully charged. Don't let a drained battery slow you down – invest in a Spare Battery today and stay powered up.

Replacement Foam Seal | was £30, now £22.50

Maintain peak performance with the Replacement Foam Seal, compatible with both Grabo Pro and Grabo Plus models. As the natural wear of the seal affects its lifting capacity over time, regular replacement is essential to ensure optimal grip and performance. With its patented high-friction foam rubber this expert-made seal offers long-lasting performance.


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