Enhance your glazing projects by incorporating tools designed for efficiency and streamlining glazing tasks. To help you select the perfect tool for your projects we’ve created a list of some of our top sellers.

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Angular Sealant Finisher

The Angular Sealant Finisher is a lightweight and flexible tool designed to deliver smooth and precise finishing of sealant joints and surfaces. With its unique design featuring two right angles, an obtuse angle and an acute angle, this tool ensures professional results every time. Crafted from non-stick plastic, it guarantees millimetre-perfect mastic sealant joints effortlessly.

Glazing Shovel

Every glazier knows how important it is to have the right tools, and the Glazing Shovel from GGR Glass is a must-have. Made from durable, shock-proof plastic, this glazing paddle offers precision and strength. Its ridged paddle provides extra grip, making it ideal for toe and heeling glass windows into the correct position to prevent dropping. Additionally, it's useful for pushing wedge gaskets into window and door frames.

N4950 Hand Held Suction Cup

The N4950 Hand Held Suction Cup features an all-metal pump and handle for durability. Together with a flat vacuum pad, this suction cup is perfect for use on glass surfaces or in factories and warehouses on rigid materials or appliances. With its convenient thumb pump mechanism, it can be securely attached to a load using just one hand, making it a versatile and essential tool for any glazing project.

Powr-Grip N5450 Suction Cup

For heavier-duty lifting tasks, look no further than the Powr-Grip N5450 Suction Cup. With a lifting capacity of 68kg and a 230mm pad diameter, this suction cup is perfect for lifting, moving and positioning objects with a smooth, non-porous finish. Its quick application and release of vacuum, along with a check valve that allows re-pumping without releasing it from a load, make it a popular choice for its efficiency and reliability.

Powr-Grip N4000 Suction Cup

The best-selling N4000 Vacuum Suction Cup offers reliable lifting power of up to 57kg. Precise and rigorously tested, the N4000 features a flat vacuum pad and a lightweight pump and handle formed from durable, high-impact ABS plastic. This tool can also be used to lift desks, filing cabinets, flat-screen TVs, and vending machines, making it a great choice for various lifting tasks in both professional and office environments.

High Heat D-Cup Lifter (34kg)

When it comes to heavy loads in high-heat applications the High Heat D-Cup Lifter from GGR Glass is an essential tool. With a lifting capacity of 34kg and a cup diameter of 127mm, this lifter is designed to excel in temperatures up to 450°F (232°C). Its lightweight design and fingertip-operated release bar make it effective and easy to use when working with heavy objects in demanding environments.

Curtain Walling Decapping Tool

Streamline your decapping process with the Curtain Walling Decapping Tool from GGR Glass. Featuring a lightweight plastic handle and adjustable steel decapping blade, this tool is tailored for removing caps effortlessly. Whether you're working with snap-on caps from brands like Schüco, Alu Swiss or Kingspan, this tool's adjustable blade ensures quick and easy decapping with a simple twist of the butterfly handle.

32kg Suction Mount with 3/8” Stud

Need a temporary mounting solution without the hassle of drilling? GGR Glass’s 32kg Suction Mount with 3/8” Stud is designed for attaching to a range of portable electronic devices. With its solid mount and 3/8”-16 threaded stud, this mounting cup can hold loads up to 32kg using vacuum technology, making it perfect for smooth flat and curved non-porous surfaces without the need for permanent installation.

Powr-Grip N6450 Curved Suction Cup

For handling curved and irregularly shaped loads use the Powr-Grip N6450 Curved Suction Cup from GGR Glass. With its deep concave pad and quick-release mechanism, this heavyweight lifting tool can lift up to 79kg. Its durable all-metal handle and pump, along with the included protective carrying case, make it an ideal tool for lifting curved or bent glass, metal or ceramics safely and efficiently.

N5450CS Curved 9 Inch Suction Cup

Experience flexibility and versatility with the N5450CS Curved 9 Inch Suction Cup from GGR Glass. With its specially designed suction pad, this multi-functional hand cup can safely handle both flat and curved loads with ease. Whether you're lifting automotive windshields, windows or body panels, this suction cup's innovative design ensures reliable performance on a variety of surfaces.


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