GGR Glass offers a wide range of slings to fit every hook. Each sling is different with different lengths, different shapes, different thickness, different lifting capacities and even different colours! Whichever type of helping hand you need, we have it.

Single Ply Webbing Sling Range

These single thickness lifting slings are lighter than traditional chain or wire ropes. They are twist resistant and unaffected by oil and grease meaning that these slings are strong, sturdy and ready to lift no matter what!

Two-Ply Webbing Sling Range

Double the thickness, double the fun! These two-ply webbing slings offer extra strength and extra durability for your load. The duplex polyester slings are a great alternative to using chains as their softer exterior guarantees less damage to the load. The colour coding is exactly the same as our single ply webbing slings-

Polyester Continuous Sling Range

These continuous slings are designed with a robust internal, woven polyester fibre padding for more durability when lifting. Each sling is designed to absorb shock loads and resist all of those twists and kinks. These slings will continue to provide safe assistance with your heavy lifts, handling impressive weights at impressive lengths.

Our slings are colour coded to indicate their lifting capacities-

Purple slings- 1 tonne

Green slings- 2 tonne

Yellow slings- 3 tonne

Brown slings- 6 tonne

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For any enquiries, contact GGR Group by-

Telephone: 0161 683 2580