Many companies offer glazing tools and supplies, but none of them beat what we have to offer! From sealant finishing tools to glass cutting tools, here at GGR Glass, we have a range of glazing tools and supplies available for our customers. Whether you need to replace or fix a uPVC window, our range of glass remover tools will allow you to get the job done efficiently.

If you want to kick-start your business in the glazing industry, or simply want to get more information on the different types of tools we offer. We have all the information you need right here!

Throughout this blog, we will be explaining what the different types of supplies are and where to find them. Read on to find out more!


Why You Need Glazing Tools

Glazing tools are an essential part of the glazing job. They are also handy for anyone who needs to replace a window. You need glazing tools when it comes to cutting windows out, installing windows and doors, double-glazing windows, and transporting glass from one place to another. Glazing tools also ensure they get into every groove to ensure a professional result.

Glazing tools are used by glaziers to make their job a lot easier, without them it would be a much more time-consuming and trickier job. They are also necessary for glaziers if they want to complete their job to a high standard.

These tools make removing, fitting and replacing any window a much easier job. Although glazing tools are used for professional glazers, they can also be used for everyday life as well as for DIY purposes.


Glazing Tools

Glazing Tools at GGR Glass

In the glazing industry tools have improved a lot compared to what they once were. For example, the tools that glaziers used back in the day included a hammer, nails and a putty knife.

Whereas, nowadays there is a lot more to a glazier's toolbox that allows them to perform to a higher standard as well as make their jobs a lot easier.

Here at GGR Glass, we offer a variety of high-quality tools as well as glass and other delicate materials. Glazing tools that we offer include suction lifters and glass cutters that may be needed to move objects that may be fragile or difficult to move around. There are many more essential tools for glass glazing that we offer, such as:

Glazier’s Hammer

A glazing hammer is an essential tool in every glazier’s toolbox. It is mainly used for glass installation - for example, a glass window or glass shower door. These types of hammers are fitted with a rubber head to ensure that it is not too harsh on the glass. Be sure to consider health and safety when using tools such as hammers.

Sealant Finisher

Sealant finishers are an excellent way to smooth out the sealant to allow you to get that neat finish. They are a reasonable price and are a must in a glazier’s toolbox. Sealant finishers come in a wide range of angles suitable for the neat sealing of any crack or joint at different angles - using this is sure to result in a professional finish.

Gasket roller

This type of tool is very popular for glaziers - and is in fact one of our most popular hand tools. This is because gasket rollers are used to fit gasket seals. This is done by pushing them into place and ensuring that they are sealed tightly. Gasket rollers come with a free-running plastic wheel which can be used by rolling it along the gasket to push it into place.

Glazing shovel

A glazing shovel is solid and shockproof and helps to level panes into the correct position. They can be specially designed to remove any excess putty. It has an easy grip tool which helps when pushing wedge gaskets into windows and door frames.

Gasket shears

Gasket shears are used to accurately cut window gaskets to fit into angles correctly.

Glass Suction Cups

And finally, a glass suction cup - this is a great tool for glaziers as it is designed to be strong enough to lift, transport and fit glass windows into place. Here at GGR Glass, we offer a variety of suction cups that come in a range of different sizes. From lever-operated suction cups to slap-on cups, we have it all! Check out this blog to learn more about glass suction cups.

These essential tools are only some of the many tools that we offer here at GGR Glass, however, there are more. For more information on all the glazing tools we offer here at GGR Glass, make sure to check out our ‘Glazing Tools’ Section to find out more!

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Finding The Right Glazing Tools

When shopping for glazing tools, it can be quite confusing. You may not know what glazing tools you need or even what a glazing tool is.

Hardware shops can be very daunting if you are unsure of what you're looking for and it’s almost impossible to know where to start, but don’t worry, we understand!

Here at GGR Glass, we offer a range of glazing tools all in one place so that you are aware of what tools are essential in the glazing toolbox. We also offer our products at a competitively low price for your benefit.

By selecting our ‘Glazing Tools’ section you will be able to view the different types of tools we have available.

But what is it about us that makes our company stand out? Not only do we offer all of our products in one place, but we also offer a brief description of what each tool is used for. We make sure that when our customers shop with us, they find it straightforward and enjoyable.