Adjustable mounting cups can be securely fixed and precisely repositioned on flat and curved smooth surfaces to act as a convenient mount for a range of accessories and gadgets.

These suction mounts are ideal for firmly holding electronic, photographic, navigational and measuring equipment in place on vehicles, windows or countertops without damaging or marking surfaces.

Suction Mounts

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A compact suction mounting pad with a 7kg load capacity which can help affix a wide range of equipment to flat or slightly curved surfaces.

Reference code: AHM13

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These TL6RH cups put a handle where you need it on awkward, bulky items, such as storm windows, office furniture or appliances.

  • Reference code: AHU25
80 | 1 Reviews

This bestselling suction mount is popular with photographers and lighting technicians as it can safely hold cameras and accessories in position on smooth non-porous surfaces. 

  • Reference code: AHM15
100 | 2 Reviews

The TL3AMB is a simple but very popular suction mount with 77mm diameter vacuum cup, black metal mount and 1/4"-20 threaded stud.

  • Reference code: AHM14
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This 18kg suction mount features a 1/4"-20 threaded insert for fixing equipment onto a wide variety of surfaces.


  • Reference code: AHM20
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A popular 18kg suction cup used for creating a reliable, temporary mount without the need for drilling holes.

  • Reference code: AHM26
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This lightweight suction mount is part of our mounting system range for securely mounting cameras, GPS systems and more.

  • Reference code: AHM18
80 | 1 Reviews

This 18kg polycarbonate suction mount provides a sturdy base for easily attaching electronic equipment to glass, vehicle dashboards and worktops.

  • Reference code: AHM25
93 | 3 Reviews

Designed for handling small to medium size loads, the Handi-Grip's oblong shape allows attachment on long, narrow objects.


  • Reference code: AHU05
90 | 2 Reviews

This 18kg capacity vacuum mounting cup comes with an aluminium mount and 1/4" threaded stud.

  • Reference code: AHM30
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With a metal mount and tie-down bail, the TL6TD cup is designed to be used with webbing or ratchet straps to secure loads.


  • Reference code: AHU10
80 | 1 Reviews

A high capacity suction cup for mounting heavier items of equipment up to 32kg.

  • Reference code: AHM35
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This 32kg mounting cup provides a stable hold for positioning devices without leaving marks or damage on smooth surfaces.

  • Reference code: AHM45
95 | 4 Reviews

A heavy-duty suction mount with a 3/8"-16 threaded stud for easily attaching lights, signs or antennas.

  • Reference code: AHM36
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The 32kg capacity LP6FH Flip Handle cup is ideal for gripping flat surfaces in tight spaces.

  • Reference code: AHU20
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Compact 6” diameter vacuum mounting cup with 32kg load bearing capacity

  • Reference code: AHM37
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