At GGR Glass, we host a wide range of glass tools to choose from, regardless of the glass thickness or requirements. Glass cutting is a tool that allows you to make a shallow score on one surface of a piece of glass that is broken in two places. For example, should you need to fit a window - you will need to cut the glass to the diameters to allow for an accurate measurement and fit.

In order for glass to be cut, you first need to go through the method of weakening the structure of the glass. The most essential part of the glass cutting process is the scoring. This is a line of weakness that is created in the glass that can be gently manipulated. A properly cut scoring will allow for easy and clean separation of the two sections of glass.

As you maybe aware, however, depending on the thickness of the glass - the harder this process will be. This is where our extensive range of glass cutting tools can help you. Whether it be the Glass Circle Cutter (600mm) which can effortlessly cut circles in glass and mirrors up to a 600mm diameter. Or the more traditional Toyo Straight “Oil Fed” Glass Cutter with a comfortable grip. Perhaps you simply need cutting oil that is suitable for all glass cutting needs.

Regardless of what your needs may be, we have everything that you need to ensure you get the best results possible. Order with GGR Glass today and have the best glass cutting process possible.

Glass Cutting Tools

100 | 1 Reviews

250ml semi-synthetic cutting oil, suitable for all glass cutting, washes off easily with water.

  • Reference code: AGA110
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Effortlessly cut circles in glass and mirrors up to a maximum 600mm diameter with this practical glazing compass.

Reference code: AGA120

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Professional glass cutter for patterned glass cutting

Reference code: AGA111

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Professional straight cut oil fed glass cutter

  • Reference code: AGA112
100 | 1 Reviews

A durable glass cutter with tough Toyo carbide wheel for cutting 2-10mm thick glass.

  • Reference code: AGA115
100 | 1 Reviews

Tough carbide cutting head with 140 hone angle for the TC17 oil cutter.

  • Reference code: AGA106
No Reviews

The Toyo pistol super cutter gives you ultimate control and comfort for clean, straight lines.

  • Reference code: AGA114
100 | 4 Reviews

One of the best glass cutters in the glazing industry, the Toyo TC17P will effortlessly cut through 2-10mm thick glass with great precision.

  • Reference code: AGA105


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