At GGR Glass, we have a wide selection of glass glazing tools to choose from. Browse our extensive range of glazing tools, sealant tools, deglazing tools, glass cutters as well as various glass cutting tools. Each of our glazing tools allows you to cut, install and remove your glass. 

Glazing refers to the glass itself that is installed within the frame. As you know, windows come in different styles and types. However, generally, they are equipped with single or dual-pane sheets. The terms are generally one sheet of glass to be a single glazed window - whereas two glass panels create a double-glazed window - and so on. 

At GGR Glass, we have a whole range of glazing hand tools glazing PPE, glass cutters among many other products to choose from. Our glazing tools are designed to save you time and money, from the traditional to the very latest innovations. With all of our products, we ensure that they can withstand the challenges of everyday and have been tried and tested.

Glazing Tools

100 | 1 Reviews

Popular tool with 42mm wheel for fitting gasket seals into uPVC window frames

  • Reference code: AGA170
100 | 1 Reviews

Firm silicone sealant block for finishing off mastic sealant joints and surfaces.

  • Reference code: AGA270
No Reviews

Create flush sealant joints and tidy lines with this straight edged finishing tool.

  • Reference code: AGA165
96 | 5 Reviews

Lightweight, flexible tool for smooth easy finishing of sealant joints and surfaces.

  • Reference code: AGA155
100 | 8 Reviews

Specifically designed for decapping aluminium and glass curtain walling systems with snap-on cap such as Schuco, Alu Swiss, Kingspan and more.


Product Code: AGA100

100 | 2 Reviews

Designed for removing structurally-bonded units, this easy to use circular deglazing tool has a cutting disc that slides into the glazing pocket and cuts easily through sealant and tape.

  • Reference code: AGA50
99 | 15 Reviews

Solid shock-proof plastic, easy-grip handle glazing shovel that helps lever panes into position.

  • Reference code: AGA05
100 | 3 Reviews

The standard tool of the glass industry, the N4950 suction cup has an all-metal pump and handle for durability, together with a flat vacuum pad.

  • Reference code: AHN20
93 | 3 Reviews

A three pad hand suction cup with an impressive 80kg safe working load for heavy duty lifting, ideal for installing large format glass, moving household appliances and kitchen worktops.


  • Reference code: AHG03
100 | 4 Reviews

This simple self-locking transport dolly allows large loads to be transported across site.

  • Reference code: AGT22
No Reviews

The perfect tool for wiping down glass to make sure the surface is dry and clean.

  • Reference code: AGA220
No Reviews

These robust 8" pliers have a serrated jaw to provide strong grip.

  • Reference code: AGA135
90 | 2 Reviews

Sturdy shears for accurately cutting window gaskets and mitre joints to fit.

  • Reference code: AGA75
100 | 1 Reviews

A sturdy hammer with a soft, grey rubberized face for tapping in glass and an extra hard plastic face for less delicate work.

  • Reference code: AGA65
95 | 4 Reviews

A powerful hand suction cup with a 68kg capacity and flexible edges to handle materials that may bend when lifted. The N5450 features an all-metal pump and handle.

  • Reference code: AHN30
No Reviews

The Single Carry Clamp is meant to lift and transfer small and medium-sized slabs manually around building sites, warehouses, and workshops.

  • 100kg Lift Capacity (As a Pair)
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Code AGA28
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