Why Your Suction Cups Don't Stick to the Window

Why Your Suction Cups Don't Stick to the Window

Glass suction cups are used to lift large, heavy and awkward objects, with glass being the main material suction cups are used for.

Your glass suction cups should always stick to glass but sometimes there may be cases where your suction cups are not sticking in the way that you hoped or that they should.

We bring you this article today to discuss why your suction cups may not don’t stick to windows. Learn more about why your suction cups don’t stick to the window in this blog.


Suction Cups - What are They?

Suction cups are tools that are often used in the glazing industry, but can be used for a variety of different tasks too - they are not just for glaziers.

A suction cup tool is a tool that features a large cup or cups, usually made from strong plastic/rubber material that is used for lifting, carrying and manoeuvring large and awkward pieces of material and objects.

The cups on the tools work by adhering to a surface. This is done when pressure is used to push the cups onto the suction. Vacuum suction is then made causing a tight hold to the material.

Suction cups can often be referred to by different names, some of them include; suction lifters, suction tools, glass vacuum lifters, suction pads or suction tools.


Why You Need Suction Cups to Stick to Windows

Having suction cups can benefit you when it comes to lifting and fitting windows as it can ensure a safe and secure lifting technique. Glass is a material that can be hard and awkward to carry and lift, it can be heavy and also very prone to breaking.

Lifting glass with your bare hands alone is not easy, glass can be slippy to hold and using your hands alone can not hold and carry glass for very long - especially when it is heavy. Sticking to glass windows can benefit you in several ways.


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What Causes Suction Cups to Lose Their Suction

Glass suction cups are designed to have a secure hold and suction onto glass securely, as well as other materials and objects too such as various metals, marble, plastics and furniture pieces and heavy appliances too. Read more on why glass suction cups can stick to other materials here.

There may be some reasons why your suction cups might not be sticking to glass or don't have a secure hold some of the reasons could include:


Unclean Surfaces

Unclean surfaces will affect the level of hold your suction cup can manage. Suction cups work best when suctioning onto clean, dry non-porous materials. Any dirt, grime or grease on your windows will prevent your suction cups from working to their potential - which could cause your windows to fall when attempting to move them.



If the surface is damp or wet and not dry then a suction cup will struggle to keep hold of the glass. If you cleaned the window in preparation for the suction cup then you have done the right thing, as dirty windows will interfere with the suction cups too. Make sure when cleaning your windows that you dry them completely before attempting to use your glass suction lifter.


The Wrong Type of Suction Cup

There are many different types of suction cups available out there. Many suction cups are of different sizes and therefore have various lifting capacities. Getting the right suction cup for the weight and size of the glass you are manoeuvring (or for any other type of object or material you happen to be lifting) is essential.


The Wrong Surface Texture

Make sure you are using the right tool for the surface you plan on lifting. Rough or textured surfaces will lose grip quicker than the recommended smooth surfaces. Therefore, if you are trying to lift some textured glass, then your suction cup won’t stick to it as it should - and the air is likely to get into the cup and is likely to break the seal.

If you wish to lift a surface that is textured or rough, then special suction cups are available that have been specially designed for rough surfaces.


How to Ensure Your Suction Cups Stick

To ensure that your suction cups have a tight and strong hold on your windows, follow our tips to avoid the loss of suction from happening.

Before suctioning the glass make sure the window is clean - if you have a suspicion that it is not, then take a few minutes to clean it. Once you clean it make sure you dry off any excess moisture so that you are working from a completely clean and dry surface.

If you ever find yourself using a suction cup and you feel the loss of suction in the device or that the item you are carrying is starting to slip then simply and safely, place down the object or glass and reduce your device back onto the glass.

It is much safer and easier to re-suction the suction cup device than it is to change it and to carry on carrying, lifting or fitting a window with the same suction hold. Even the most secure suctions are bound to lose pressure so it is important to take the precautionary measure and to reduce your device when it is safe to do so.


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You will now be aware of what causes your suction cups to not stick. Being aware of these causes can ensure you always carry glass safely. If you have any other advice on window fitting or any other matter to do with glass, then contact us at GGR Glass where we will be happy to guide you.

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