Finishing sealant correctly is important. Sealant serves an important function and so having the right tools for the job is crucial if you want to finish the sealant in the right way and for the sealant to perform as it should and not have moisture or air pass through.

Read this blog post to discover why you should avoid homemade sealant finishing tools and why investing in tools specifically designed for sealing and caulking is best. We have all this and more below, so keep reading to find out more information.


Sealant Finishing Tools

Sealant finishing tools are essential if you are laying down sealant or caulk into a gap or crack. They help you to achieve that perfect sealant finish that you are after.

A sealant finishing tool aims to push down sealant, smoothing it out and down into the crack. This not only provides a practical purpose and holds a specific function, but it also gives a professional finish that experienced and highly skilled glaziers achieve.

Anyone can execute the perfect seal, with a bit of practice and knowledge, you do not have to be a professional. The secret to getting that perfect sealant finish is to have the right tools for the job. 

Sealant finishing tools come in many shapes and sizes, perfect for different kinds of jobs and for different angles and heights of gaps and cracks. We will introduce you to some of the top tools later on in this blog, so continue reading to find out.


Why You Need a Finishing Tool

Having sealant finishing tools in your tool kit can come in handy in a number of ways. They work by helping to seal around windows and doors, whilst having many uses in bathrooms and kitchens too.

You can use sealant finishing tools for helping to seal around sinks, taps, counter spaces, baths and toilets to name a few examples. Waterproof sealant made from silicone, for example, is often used in cases such as these where water will be present.

The reason why you need a finishing tool and why it is so essential to accompany your sealant is that, without the right tool, the sealant will overflow out of the gap. No matter how careful and consistent you are with squeezing the sealant out of the tube or gun, the bead will always be rough when you dispense it.

A sealant finishing tool is used upon the sealant before it sets, forcing it down in the gap, crack or joint whilst trimming away all of the excess sealant for a smooth and professional overall finish.

Without the help of a sealant finisher, your sealant may not be airtight, causing the leakage of air, water and moisture to form. This can then turn into leaks and cause mould to grow and mould spores to form.

Why Avoid Homemade Sealant Finishing Tools

Sealant finishing tools are made from materials that are suitable to handle all sealants. They are made from plastics, rubbers, or stainless steel. These materials are firm enough to push down the sealant and will not cause any unnecessary mess and will not cause the sealant to stick to the tool.

Some people recommend using your finger as an option to smooth down the sealant. This is doable, yet an outdated method. It is a lot more hassle than using a specialised tool.

The sealant will stick to your finger if you choose this method to smooth down the sealant. You will have to keep wetting it or dipping your finger in white spirit to avoid the sealant sticking to your skin and making a mess.

Other homemade finishing tools include choosing to use the back of a spoon or the handle of an old toothbrush. This again can work, yet is not a good idea. These items are not guaranteed to be at the right angle for your gap or crack, which means that the ultimate sealant finish may not be achieved.

Dedicated finishing tools come in a variety of shapes and with an assortment of angles for every possible kind of sealant job. With your specialised sealant finishing tools, you will be well-equipped for any job.

Sealant finishers are also inexpensive, so therefore there is no excuse not to invest in a sealant finishing tool or two of your own - guaranteed to make the job of sealing finishing a whole lot easier.


Sealant Finishing Tools From GGR Glass

Now is the time to invest in your own sealant finishing tools if you haven’t already. GGR Glass has a whole range of sealant finishing tools for you to choose from. Read below to find out about the top finishing tool choices that we supply.



Firstly we have this all-rounder amazing purchase. This is a complete Sealant Finishing Tool Set. It includes 4 different tools, within one purchase. The four tools are different shapes and feature different angles for the smooth sealing of any sealant into any angled gap.

Each finishing tool is roughly 40x40mm, meaning they are small enough to fit into any tool bag or pocket, and easily transportable to any glazing or sealing job.



A must-have for professional glaziers. For those hard-to-reach glazing projects where the crack is at a height. This Sealant Joint Tool has you covered as it can be mounted onto a pole for sealing the high-up cracks and joints.

Create flush and tidy sealant for horizontal or vertical joints with this device, no matter what the height of the gap or crack.



Next, we have the Angular Sealant Finisher. This one is lightweight, flexible and has two right angles, an obtuse angle along with an acute angle all on one tool. 

This could be the only tool you carry around with you, ideal for all kinds of angles. Find yourself achieving the most professional and easiest seal around with this one.

Made from non-stick plastic, perfect for all different types of sealant and joints every time, with minimum to no mess.

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