Applying sealant to your windows is essential for ensuring the glass stays in place and you prevent any gaps for air and moisture to leak through. However, even when applying the sealant an extra step is involved to ensure there are no gaps and that the finish does not look messy. As experts in glazing solutions, GGR Glass offer a wide range of tools that can assist in the safe and neat installation and removal of glazing.

Why is it Important to Use a Finishing Tool for Sealant?

When sealant is applied it often does not sit flush with gaps it has been applied to so will look messy and now fully seal the gaps. This can lead to the allowance of water and cold air into homes and also looks unappealing. In order to finish your sealant correctly and professionally you need to use a specialised sealant finishing tool which can accommodate various joint sizes. This tool smooths down the sealant so it is flush with your chosen surface and completely covers the gaps you are looking to seal.

Benefits of a Sealant Finishing Tool

Using a simple and inexpensive tool like our sealant finishing tools can make a massive difference to the final result of your work. By not using one you risk the sealant not working correctly and needing to redo the application.

Waste Less Sealant and Time

Making sure to use your sealant finishing tool means you can avoid needing to use extra sealant to cover all your gaps. By running the tool over your sealant, you press it into and spread it over joints to create and airtight finish. As the sealant finishing tool gives you a perfect finish first time so there is no need to reapply and use more sealant.

Keep Everything Looking Neat and Tidy

There is nothing worse than perfectly installing a window only then to have badly applied sealant ruin the look of the entire unit. As a simple and easy fix, one should always use a sealant finishing tool. If the sealant isn’t correctly finished it can also lead to excess moisture and mould which ruins how the window looks and can ruin other things around it.

Get Every Gap

As our sealant finishing tools are made so you can accurately seal joints of many sizes you can feel confident that you have the right finishing tool with you everywhere. Ensure that all your sealant keeps windows and other gaps watertight as the various angle on the tool can smooth sealant into smaller expansion joints or wider ones that hold larger loads.

The Right Finishing Tool for the Job

At GGR Glass we make sure to supply some of the best tools for your glazing needs. We currently supply 4 types of sealant finishing tools which can be used with a wide range of sealant sizes and angles.

Mastic Sealant Finisher

With this Mastic Sealant Finisher, the user benefits from its non-stick plastic composition which makes it useable with most sealant types. Designed with multifunction in mind this tool has 3 different angles so glaziers only need to have one sealant finisher on hand. Fill all sorts of gaps with the choice of 2 right angles, an obtuse angle, and an acute angle.

Sealant Jointing Tool

This Sealant Jointing Tool is designed differently to our regular sealant finishing tools. The ergonomic handle is both easy to clean and offers a better grip when smoothing down sealant. For hard-to-reach places, the handle is hollow to allow users to attach the tool to a lengthening pole. The Vulkollan plastic head creates tidy and flush lines in your sealant and doesn’t leave marks on glass.

Sealant Finisher Tool Set

This pack of 4 Sealant Finisher Tool Set offers 11 corner sizes for different sealant edge types ranging from 0m to 20mm. This selection of sizes means you will always have the correct size finisher for all of your sealant needs. Being small and lightweight they are easy to store or carry in your toolbox so there is no reason to ever be without them.


With over 25 years of experience in the glass industry, we aim to supply the best glazing tools for our customers. For professional advice on what tools are suited to your needs contact us here.