What Are Glass Transportation Tools and Why Are They Needed?

Glass transportation tools are products that make the moving of glass easier, safer, and faster, they act as a more practical method in getting between A to B. There are many different types of glass transportation ranging from vehicles with specially designed frames for securely holding glass to simple carrying straps to mobile slab buggies.

These tools are typically used on most jobs and construction sites as any slight bump in the road or mistake in moving materials can cost you in materials breaking, time from waiting for new materials to arrive, and time lost from potential injuries to staff it can cause. Reduced product loss and less avoidable time loss means a job can run more smoothly, leaving you and your customers happy.

Here at GGR Glass with almost 30 years of glass equipment rental experience, we are dedicated to supplying our customers with both tried and true methods as well as breaking into the market with innovative technology. We believe glass transportation tools are an asset that should never be avoided as these tools are there to help you complete a job to the highest of standards.


How Do Glass Transportation Tools Work?

By providing extra support you are able to travel further and faster without the constant worry of the glass breaking. These tools are designed to support glazing in a way that is safest for people and for the glass such as carrying straps which are produced with strong materials for supporting heavy and sharp glazing or the slab buggy which positions glass at a slanted angle that is best for glass transportation.

Glass transportation tools should always be used where there is any doubt in other transportation methods being used such as manual handling and should even be used when transportation seems easy as it is always better to use good quality transportation methods than risk methods that are prone to error. Investing in glass transportation is a great step for any glazier as glass transportation tools are long-lasting and you can never go wrong with extra safety.

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Glass Lifting

Types of Glass Transportation Tools

There are many situations that call for a little extra help when transporting glass and at GGR Group there is always a tool to solve a transportation issue for you. For example, you may find the company you have ordered your glazing from is not able to deliver it to your job site so now you are left to arrange alternative arrangements. A tool such as our Slab Buggy would come in handy as you are able to wheel it between locations as well as fit it into a standard van for driving it further distances. It would be best to avoid homemade solutions for this issue such as just placing the glass at the base of the van with some padded protection this is because it is always best to move glass at a 3 – 5 degree upright angle to prevent breakage and with the glazing being unsecured on the floor any turbulence such as breaking suddenly or rounding corners could damage the glass.


Polyester Carrying Straps (1T)

Tired of trying to maintain a strong grip on your heavy glazing when carrying it around site? These polyester carrying straps seem simple but have been produced with hardwearing woven polyester straps, a thick resting pad, and robust and comfortable rubber handles. The reinforced straps can handle up to 1000kg and have a 560mm length from handle to base which is ideal for larger glazing pieces.

Self-Locking Transport Trolley

Use this simple device to quickly move glazing across site as materials can easily be slotted and locked into the dolly and manoeuvred across uneven terrain with its large 260mm pneumatic wheels that can be adjusted to meet terrain requirements. The dolly allows for glass between 10mm – 70mm thick and has a capacity of 250kg which is ideal for a range of glazing projects.

All-Terrain Uni Wheel Dolly

This Woods Uni Wheel Dolly has a height of 830mm and works by the integrated vacuum pad attaching to your glazing to secure it to the dolly. With this handy tool, there comes two wheels which can be used together or separately which is excellent when working with lighter glazing as employees can transport twice the number of panels at one time. The uni wheels are suited to uneven ground able to handle the debris and bumps associated with construction sites.

Slab Buggy

Don’t get stuck carrying individual glazing units to and from the job when you could do it all in one go. GGR Glass’ Slab Buggy has a specially tilted frame to perfectly accommodate fragile glass while preventing the pieces from falling over during travel as well. Able to hold loads up to 290mm thick and weighing 400kg you can comfortably fit plenty of glass units on this buggy for transport.


For a look at more of our many transportation products click here. GGR Group have decades of experience as a specialist supplier of lifting solutions and have developed bespoke glass transport solutions to make their customers’ glazing jobs as simple as possible. To speak to one of our experts on what bespoke lifting solutions we can offer you contact us here.