You have a glazing project to complete but have no idea where to go for any of the tools you need; your local hardware may have the caulk you need, but professional tools seem hard to come by. We’ve written a comprehensive guide on all the essential glazing tools you can source from GGR Glass.

You’ve just started a glazing project but you’re unsure who supplies any of the tools you need. Does your local hardware store only sell caulk and miscellaneous items? Read below for great advice and a comprehensive guide on what essential glazing tools you need.

GGR Glass, originally GGR Glass Services, has been supplying lifting solutions and glazing products since 1995. With almost 30 years of trading experience, GGR Glass has the expert knowledge and the extensive product range to help you complete any glazing project.

Within our catalogue, we sell all the products you need to complete your glazing project from beginning to end with the reassurance of a quality product that will be sure to last. We supply hand cups and suction cups for lifting and installing your glazing, specialist cups for incredibly high temperatures, glazing tools for creating the perfect finish and cutting your glass to size, lifting accessories for safe manual transport, glass transport to get from A to B, and suction mounts for illuminating late night jobs or to get the perfect shot for your business’s social media.


Hand, Suction, and Specialist Cups

Glass vacuum cups come in many designs which have been adjusted to fit the need of small to large projects. Below are the range of cups we supply here at GGR Glass.


Hand Cups

Need the heavyweight lifter of manual glass vacuum cups? These cups can lift up to 170kg and maintain their suction without your assistance, allowing you to focus on lifting your glazing. The vacuum gauge on each cup indicates the vacuum pressure so you know when it is safe to lift your glazing. The cups available can work with different surfaces such as flat, textured and curved glass, sheet metal, and other non-porous materials.

Nemo Grabo

Our heaviest lifter, the Nemo Grabo, is our battery-powered and durable vacuum hand cup that can run constantly for 1.5 hours – plenty of time for completing glazing tasks throughout the regular workday. You can use this product on more than just glazing projects, making the product worthwhile when you can lift rough slate, dry wall, rough concrete, ceramic tile, wood, and more.

N6450 Curved

Never be unsure about taking on a curved glazing project with this vacuum suction cup that has a tight grip on concave glass and other non-porous materials. The cup has excellent safety features such as the red-line indicator to warn you of any vacuum loss, a check valve for easily repumping without losing the remaining vacuum, and a release valve so you can quickly release your glazing.


Suction Cups

Get down to the basics of vacuum lifting with a selection of suction cups that make glazing projects simpler and safer without the higher cost that comes with hand cups – a great choice for occasional projects or to keep in your toolbox when you don’t want to carry around larger hand cups. We stock both slap-on cups and lever-operated suction cups which provide different solutions for manoeuvring glass.


Avoid leaving annoying fingerprints on your glazing with this 6.8kg Grifter that has a grippable knob handle for easy control and positioning. There is no need to awkwardly slide the glazing into place by its edges as the strong grip allows for plenty of time for you to manipulate your glazing into tight spaces and the simple lift and release vacuum allows you to move onto the next glazing piece immediately.


A perfect couple, this GGR2 Suction Cup offers an instant handhold for lifting and moving heavy objects safely. The symmetrical cups offer stability for lifting with the lifter able to more easily balance the weight of the load between the two and manoeuvre the glass into many positions. The flippable ABS switches also provide a constant strong suction on your glass and are easy to release when you are finished.


Specialist Cups

In some material handling jobs working with high temperatures is necessary but also comes with a lot of dangers – mainly the potential for severe burns. To reduce the risk of these dangers high temperature suction cups are often used so the worker can avoid direct contact with the hot materials and allows it to be held for longer as there is no potential conduction through the gloves the user is wearing.

High Heat Push’n’Go (4.5kg)

Easily press this suction cup onto any smooth, non-porous surface at high heats up to 450˚f to quickly move glass and metal sheets. The quick-release push button breaks the vacuum so there is no need to make any contact with the hot materials to release it and also prevents any tarnishing of the materials.

High Heat D-Cup Lifter 34kg

Get hot and heavy with the 34kg D-Cup Lifter which can handle temperatures up to 450˚f – perfect for heat-treated aluminium. The dual cups add extra support to your lift and are both easy to stick to smooth surfaces and the fingertip-operated vacuum release bar is ideal for use in high temperatures.


Tools For Glazing

In order to get a professional and high-quality finish on all your glazing and glass projects you should be using the best glazing tools available to you. There are a range of steps in installing glass that require tools in order to leave you happy with the result such as sealant finishers, gasket rollers, deglazing tools, and glass cutting tools.

Sealant Finisher Tool Set

To get the best finish on joints at every job you should choose the multi-set of four sealant finishers that are suited for joints with a sealant edge ranging between 0mm – 20mm. They can be used for trimming expansion joints, removing gap fillers, and standard joints.

Gasket Roller Deluxe

Easily fit your window gasket into tight gaps with this gasket roller the thin wheel quickly applies the gaskets without any need to fiddle around. The textured aluminium handle has the perfect grip for installing gaskets on bigger or multiple windows and the pointed end is great for fitting gaskets into tight corners.

Deglazing Tool

Cut through tough sealant with Deglazing Tool that comes with a sharpened blade that is thin and curved for reaching through any amount of sealant you have to cut through. The tool has two handles for a secure and controlled grip and it comes with a removable two-position handle for adjusting it to your needs.

TOYO Pattern Dry Wheel Glass Cutter

Achieve any glass shape you may need with this TOYO glass cutter that has an impressive swivel head for accurate and fast cutting. With a cutting wheel made from tungsten carbide, the strongest metal in the world, this tool will last you over many glass cutting jobs.


Lifting Accessories and Glass Transport

One of the most dangerous and costing parts of glazing jobs can be lifting the glass itself, carrying the glass by its sharp edges can cause injury even when wearing suitable gloves, you are more likely to break the glass when there no trolley to put it on or extra slings supporting the load when using a glass vacuum lifter.

Winbag Inflatable Air Wedge

Become an independent glazier with this Winbag Inflatable Air Wedge that is almost as good as another person to help you install windows. The wedge can be inflated to wedge apart and lift windows into position so you can easily install them and you can easily adjust the size with the pump and release valve. The product can lift up to 135kg due to its reinforced fibre construction but will not damage your windows as the air wedge is cushioned and smooth.

Incline Carrying Straps

Don’t wait until you arrive at a job before realising you need a way to transport heavy glazing up an incline or stairs, in having the correct tools on hand you can save time and costs on your future jobs. These straps are designed with four reinforced rubber handles for comfortable lifting and a ratchet strap system that almost cradles the glass for a fully secured lift.

Flexi-Trolley 700

When needing to transport large glass units across site, between floor levels, and onto scaffolding you can’t simply rely on manpower for safe movement, the Flexi-Trolley 700 is a lightweight and surprisingly compact glass transporter that comes with two adjustable Woods Powr-Grip suction cups and a large 700kg maximum load capacity.


GGR Glass supply many more products that will suit your glazing and other projects and our experienced team is always available to assist you with what products would be best for any job. To speak to one of our team members just click here.