There are many tools required to be a professional glazier and there are lots of different variations of tools available for those in the professional glazing industry.

The equipment used in the glazing industry can require a bit of practice and know-how to understand how different glazing tools work and how to use them correctly. Team this with some skill and the execution of any glazing job will be done to a very high standard.

The range of glazing tools available out there can be daunting, this is why we bring you this article. If you would like to know more about what tools professionals glaziers use then stay tuned for more information as we introduce you to the must-have tools in any professional glaziers tools kit.


Why Do Glaziers Use Tools?

It is totally necessary for glaziers to use glazing tools if they want to complete their job to a high and professional standard. There are many tools that make a glazier's job so much easier. Glazing tools make removing, fitting and replacing any window an easier task.

Glaziers are experienced professionals when it comes to all things windows and glazing tools. Glazing tools only make a job easier if you know how to use the tools correctly, as if you are inexperienced with these tools then the job in question may still be fairly tricky. We have a blog post all about how glazing tools work, so if you would like to learn more about how certain individual tools work, do have a read-through to understand more.

Glazing Tools

Some Glazing Tools Have Other Purposes

Many of the tools that glaziers have in their kit can actually be used for a range of different jobs and tasks too (other than glazing jobs). Glazing tools have other purposes and are not just for window fitting.

Glass suction cups, for example, has a range of different uses. Despite being commonly referred to as ‘glass’ suction cups they are not just for handling glass, they can be used to lift, carry and manoeuvre a range of other materials and objects too.

To find out more information about glass suction cups, we have a whole blog post on the many uses of glass suction cups and why they might be beneficial to you. This and more can be found in our blog section on our website.


What Tools Do Glaziers Use?

Today in the glazing industry, tools have advanced compared to what they once were. Some of the basic glazing tools that glaziers used back in the day included a hammer, some nails and a putty knife.

Nowadays there are a lot more tools to make glaziers' jobs easier, making them more efficient whilst they work. Read on to find out more about essential glaziers tools.


Glazing Hammer

A glazing hammer is still a basic yet essential tool in every glazier's toolbox. Used for glass installation and complete with a rubber head so that it’s not too harsh on the delicate glass, yet firm enough to hammer into the right place.


Glazing Shovel

A glazing shovel helps to level panes into position and can be specially designed to remove traces of putty.


Sealant Jointing Tool

These create a flush and professional finish to all sealant joints for a tidy look and a straight-edged finish. A sealant jointing tool can also be mounted onto a pole for those hard-to-reach places.


Sealant Finisher

Sealant finishers are a good way of smoothing out sealant for that neat finish. These are inexpensive and are must-have tools for professional glaziers. You can get sealant finishers with a range of different angles for the neat sealing of any crack or joint at any angle, so it's useful for glaziers to have a range in their toolkit for this reason.


Gasket Roller

A popular tool for glaziers, gasket rollers are used for fitting gasket seals by pushing them into place. They help by properly shaping the seals into the corner of the windows. Complete with a free-running plastic wheel, that can be rolled along the gasket to push seamlessly into place.


Gasket Shears

Gasket shears are required for accurately cutting window gaskets and mitre joints to fit accurate angles. This tool is ideal for creating mitre cuts in sealing strips, gaskets, decorative trim or wooden battens.


Glass Suction Cups

Another great and essential tool for glaziers is the glass suction tool or suction cup. Designed to be strong enough to lift, manoeuvre and fit glass windows into place. They are extremely helpful when it comes to lifting awkward and heavy glass that needs to be handled correctly yet is delicate and prone to breaking.


Deglazing Tool

A deglazing tool is essential for the removal of windows. Used to cut existing sealant and tape it which allows for the easy removal of windows - a must-have for professional glaziers.


GGR Glass

Here at GGR Glass we sell a variety of glazing and deglazing tools that can help you. Whether you are a professional glazier or an amateur attempting to glaze or deglaze your own windows. All the tools mentioned above have a special place in a glaziers toolbox that can potentially help you too.

Check everything we have to offer on our website including the tools listed above, whatever your needs, we will have the right supplies for you. You can also contact us with any questions or queries about anything to do with the products we sell. If you need advice for a particular job, we can help point you in the right direction to equip you with all the necessary tools that you need.

Whether you are in the glazing trade or not, we hope you have learnt something new here and may have found learning about these tools beneficial for a particular job now or in the future.


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