Glass lifting suction cups in the context of glazing are typically lifting aids but can also be used for holding objects such as cameras. As lifting aids, they are designed to form a strong vacuum on smooth, non-porous surfaces so that when pulled or lifted the cup does not come away. As glass can be dangerous and awkward to handle suction cups can be used to provide a graspable handle for easy manoeuvrability.


Benefits of Using Glass Lifting Suction Cups

While glass suction cups have many uses there are a select few reasons that are most important to glazing. When selecting suction cups, you have to consider what benefits they will have to your project as well as what type you may need.

Move Glass More Easily

Glass lifting suction cups supplied by GGR Glass have a particularly strong hold in comparison to their size and come with ergonomic handles for ease of movement. The cups can easily be applied or removed with the choice of a slap-on cup or a lever-operated one – the former being able to lift up to 6.8kg and the latter up to 80kg.

One of our favourites is the Grifter, a simple and cost-effective slap-on cup with a knob-style handle so that glass can easily be rotated with a turn of the wrist.

No Pesky Fingerprints on Your Glazing

The worst part of finishing a glazing job is realising there are marks covering your glazing that you have to try to clean up – the use of suction cups prevents this as from beginning to end you don’t need to make any contact with the glass.

A great glass suction cup for this would be the D-Cup Lifter 34kg as it has a strong handle with an attached fingertip-operated release bar allowing you to press the cup on to secure it to the glass and then pull the lever to release the vacuum.

Glass Lifting

Break Less to Cost Less

Glazing is often hard to grip with sharp edges, making it significantly more likely you will drop it and most likely smash it. Glass breakages can also cause injuries causing workers to have to take time off work which will cost more money on top of replacing the glass. This is why glass suction cups are used as they allow the user to form a secure grip on the glazing as well as position it more easily.

Our strongest suction cup is the GGR3 Suction Cup Triple Pad which has an 80kg max capacity assisted by the trio of cups that come with a flip switch activated vacuum.

Easy to Use

One of the most off-putting things about professional glass tools can be that they seem difficult to use and perhaps too expensive to risk purchasing if you can’t figure out how to use them. Our glass suction cups at GGR Group however are incredibly easy to use with cups that are as simple to use as just pressing it against a flat surface to the slightly more complicated lever-activated suction application.

Products such as the GGR Suction Cup are simple to use but also come with butterfly handles that you can easily press to apply suction to your glazing.


At GGR Glass we have been specialists in glass lifting solutions since 1995 and have developed a selection of products that are perfect for all your glazing needs. Contact our team here to discuss what lifting solutions would be best for you.