What is a Window Finishing Trim Used For?

What is a Window Finishing Trim Used For?

Windows are not complete without trim to finish them off. The correct window trim is important to complete your uPVC windows. With a variety of window trim materials to choose from as well as styles too. It is important to understand the difference between each type so you can get the right one for the job at hand.

GGR Glass brings you this blog post, to explain what a window finishing trim is and what it is used for, so read on for more information on this.



Window Finishing Trim - What Is It Used For?

Finishing trim is used to hold windows and doors in place. Finishing trim is otherwise known as window sealant or caulk. The window finishing trim or sealant not only makes window fitting look nice and neat in your home but it serves a purpose too.

Sealant trim is there to make sure that no air or moisture passes through, ensuring your home is watertight and weatherproof.

Without window trim, your home could be subject to draughts, moisture and mould spores can form as a result. Window trim is therefore an essential part of window fitting.


What Is Window Trim Made Of?

Window trim can be made from a variety of materials and is usually white in colour. One of the most common materials that window sealant is made of is silicone or acrylic latex.

Silicone sealant is the most popular type in the glazing industry. This is because it is highly versatile, it is extremely weather resistant, waterproof and long-lasting too. These are features that must-have qualities for a sealant that needs to secure windows and doors.

Silicone is a popular type of sealant that is used all around the world. It not only is useful in the glazing industry on windows and doors but thanks to its useful properties, it can also be used and is the perfect accompaniment to sealing in kitchens and bathrooms too.

Silicone sealant is constantly used to seal sinks, taps, toilets, baths, showers, lights, and anything related - the list goes on! This makes it a popular caulking material to use in the construction and plumbing industries too.

Silicone sealant can be more expensive than other types of sealants, however, it is worth the investment because it is so durable and long-wearing.


Why Window Trim Is Important

Creating a trim around your windows is important for a number of reasons. Not only is keeping the weather out including the rain and wind, but it is also essential for keeping your home as energy efficient as possible.

Many homes that have old sealant or windows suffer from energy wastage through air escaping from aged window trims. This causes homes to lose heat and makes energy bills increase as people continue to turn up their heating - ultimately causing a larger carbon footprint.

Protecting homes with window trims that are fresh, current and durable helps homeowners benefit from this energy bill and other reasons as discussed. Energy bills stay low and you have a warmer home overall, with no mould spores brewing.


How to Get the Perfect Window Trim

To create a perfectly neat window trim around a window you should have the right tools for the job. Once you squeeze the sealant trim into a gap or crack, you have a small amount of time to create a neat sealant finish before it sets.

We will go over some of the top tools that you can buy, that can help you create the neatest and most importantly, functional window trim that is weatherproof and airtight.



This set of four tools is the perfect set to accompany you at any glazing job. Small, light and handy, these are potentially the only set of finishing tools that you could ever need. They can help you with finishing window trims easily.

The four tools feature different angles and edges for sealing cracks and gaps of any size or angle. Having these tools are ideal for those angles that are harder to get out and for pushing caulk into corners especially!

Purchasing this handy set for your tool kit and you can find they will come in very handy for several uses. Think about the uses of sealing mirrors, tiles, and window sills too, as well as the shower units and sinks as mentioned previously in this blog.



Create a flush sealant joint at any height with the Sealant Jointing Tool. This is a straight-edged tool that can create a flush finish that will not mark the glass of the windows. 

This tool is clever as it can be mounted onto a pole for finishing those window trims in those hard-to-reach places. No need for a ladder with this sealant finisher which helps limit the safety risks too.



All good window fittings start with the correct removal of the old windows and sealant. To do this, you need a Deglazing Tool. This is a sharp tool that is built for cutting through sharp sealant for effortless removal of windows and trims every time. 

With a non-slip handle for a strong two-handed grip, this is a must-have tool for glaziers when fitting windows. Left-hand and right-hand replacement blades are available to buy.


GGR Glass Concludes

With the right trim around your windows, you can seal and protect a home from moisture, leaks and drafts. Save money on your energy bills and save a property from developing any mould.

Browse our website for our collection of professional equipment, tools, and accessories that can help you with any glazing job, we also have more top tips and information on the blog section of our website too. With the right tools, skills and no-know, you will have everything that you need to succeed as a professional glazier.

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