What Glazing Tools Do Expert Glaziers Use?

What Glazing Tools Do Expert Glaziers Use?

At GGR Glass we have over 25 years of experience in supplying glazing equipment and glass lifting solutions. We provide our customers with access to some of the best tools on the market and deliver expert advice.

Glazing Tools We Use

As the no.1 supplier of lifting solutions, we always aim to help our customers select the best glazing tools for them. Our products range from glass suction cups to deglazing tools to carrying straps. All of our tools are designed to assist you in completing your projects in a faster and safer time.

We discuss where you can get the best tools for glazing in one of our previous blogs here. As well as knowing what tools a glazier uses it is helpful to know where you can get them from.

Low E Coating Detector

When out installing glazing, you can’t tell by simply looking if a window has a Low E coating. By using this innovative detector, you can avoid wasting time and costly mistakes when installing glazing. Low E windows need to be installed in the correct orientation to work. So, this detector allows you to check before you install the glazing.

By using this handy tool, it also enables you to check if a customer already has a low E coating on their windows. This allows you to help them decide if they need to invest in new glazing for windows.

Sealant Finisher Tool Set

As a glazier there is nothing worse than doing a great job installing a window only to leave a mess of the sealant. This is why professional glaziers always use the proper tools for finishing their sealant. With our Sealant Finisher Tool Set 4 different tools are provided. Each tool has four different angles for use on sealant edges ranging from 0mm to 20mm in size.

These sealant finishers can be used to trim expansion joints, on joints with and without pressure loads. The kit is able to be used to finish up to 16 types of silicone and mastic joints, including bathtubs, mirrors, and ceramic tiles.

TOYO Straight Oil Fed Glass Cutter Comfort Grip – TC-N01

Sometimes adjustments need to be made to glass to fit it to what you need. Having a glass cutter on hand as a glazier can save you plenty of time and money when you are able to make the adjustments yourself.

The TC-NO1 has a tungsten carbide cutting wheel to allow the user to achieve the smoothest cut possible. There is an included barrel for storing cutting oil which feeds into the cutting head. This constant supply of cutting oil ensures the tool is always receiving the correct amount of oil.

Corner Protection Block (28mm)

The parts of glass that are most prone to breaking are the corners. This is due to the corners being weaker than the rest of the glazing. And also, being more likely to be hit into things when transporting.

By using a corner block, it provides extra protection to your glazing by preventing any direct impact with the corners. This particular Corner Protection Block can also be used with glazing sheets that are up to 28mm thick. The attached suction cup means applying this corner block is simple as it can easily be secured to the corner of the glazing.


At GGR Glass we are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable and innovative products. These are just a few of our specialist products available. To learn more about our products read this blog or contact one of our experts. Speak to us today by clicking here.

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