This small, versatile, manoeuvrable transport dolly is the perfect solution for transporting a range of heavy materials to their install location

This transport dolly is the perfect solution for moving glass, drywall, doors, sheet metal and stone panels on site. A compact and easy-to-use device, its robust tyres can safely move sheets weighing up to 250kg across uneven ground for a number of different industries.

Being one of the cheapest dolly’s on the market, this dolly is still perfect for heavy duty use, they are designed with self-locking jaws for manoeuvring glass and metal around warehouses or on project sites.

This transport dolly is also able to turn on itself 360 degrees when travelling with loads, making it ideal for confined and restricted locations.

Key features:

  • Capacity: 250kg
  • 70mm maximum sheet thickness
  • Dimensions: 300mm(l) x 330mm(w) x 340mm(h)
  • Resilient 260mm tyre (pneumatic)
  • Generous payload capacity compared to other transport dollys on the market
  • Weight: 6kg

What do our customers say?

“Fast Delivery & Great Product”

“Perfect kit for moving drywall & glass around site”

The wheels are great”

“This is brilliant for moving drywall across a rough building site.”

You can find out more about the transport dolly and purchase here today.