At GGR Glass, we like to provide our customers with everything and anything glass, including transportation of glass.

Our wide range of trolleys offers multiple options for glass transportation across a variety of sites. With the aim to help reduce the strain of manual handling, we offer electronically powered carts for simpler and safer transportation of loads.

The Tow Cart 350 offers electronically powered assistance for manoeuvring loads of up to 350kg, across sites.  Fitted with solid foam tyres, this cart provides smooth movement over rough terrain whilst reaching a maximum speed of 4.5km/h.

Optional small or large guardrails are available for extra protection of loads when on a trolley bed. The perfect assistant for transporting heavy loads with ease.

The Tow Cart 1000 is the ideal machine for transporting loads within warehouses, factories or other sensitive environments. Compact yet powerful, this fume-free cart offers simpler manoeuvring of loads of up to 1 tonne.

Fitted with two, wide pneumatic tyres and supporting castors, this cart offers smooth forward and reverse travelling whilst reaching a maximum speed of up to 6km/h. This easy to control transportation device provides safer movement of heavy loads.

The Ultra-Tow is designed to easily transport heavy loads across uneven ground and rough terrain. This four-wheel drive, the electronic vehicle is fitted with two 800W engines for towing loads up to a huge 4 tonnes.

Built with electromagnetic brakes, this cart offers ultimate stability on the ground with up to 30% gradient and includes safety features such as an emergency stop. The ideal device for safer transportation of loads across tricky sites.

Our carts make the perfect assistants take the weight off your hands!

For more information on these carts and other lifting accessories, view our website.

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