Glazing tools for the automotive industry can be overlooked, but with the slight curvature of glass in motor vehicles and with some of the smallest windows that must be awkward to fit, it is no surprise that glazing tools are very much needed in the automotive industry to get the job done a lot easier.

Repair work and restoration work is important in the automotive industry. This is why we bring you this blog post to discuss what we at GGR Glass believe to be the top 6 automotive glazing tools that you need in the automotive industry.


What Are Automotive Glazing Tools?

Automotive tools refer to tools involved in the motor industry. Automotive glazing tools are tools used within the motor industry on glass. A motor vehicle's glazing is an essential part of its system, in terms of safety and visibility too.

Glazing Tools

Trends in the Automotive Glazing Industry

The automotive glazing industry is a huge global market and with a growing trend in the electric car industry due to the harmful emissions that regular petrol and diesel vehicles emit. This has boosted the demand in the glazing automotive industry.

All this is a big positive for the automotive glazing industry and the glazing market in general over recent years.


Glazing That Is Significant to Vehicles

The windscreen is of course important in a vehicle's structure and the automotive industry is always developing new ways and technologies for its enhancement. Sidelights, side windows, and sunroofs are more examples of glazing for motor vehicles that add to the structure and function of the vehicle.

Different types of glass are now being used in areas such as the side of vehicles to limit damage and injury during accidents where heavy impact is involved.

It is also said that the popularity of sunroofs is said to rise, bringing them to the mass market and boosting sales for the automotive glazing industry once again.


Top 6 Automotive Glazing Tools to Use

For our top automotive glazing tools that GGR highly rate, read on to learn more.


1. Curved 9” Suction Cup

This versatile piece of kit is multi-functional. It is the most flexible hand tool in our hand cup range at GGR Glass and can safely lift both flat and curved surfaces objects and materials with ease. The N5450CS Curved Glass Suction Cup is Flexible and strong enough to lift up to a whopping 68kg of weight as long as the surface of the material or object is non-porous this device can suction tightly.

The curvature of these suction cups allows for the handling of materials in the motor industry, perfect for lifting and fitting all different types of windscreens which often have a slight curve to them.


2. Powr-Grip Valve Grinder

Next, we have the Powr-Grip Valve Grinder. This valve grinder is spring-loaded and is a vacuum pump that can securely hold valves during lapping operations.

The handle is grease-resistant so you can spin it easily between the hands, while the pad is moulded from durable tread rubber providing flexibility without loss of grip.


3. Nedo Winkelfix

For every awkward angle to be measured, there should be a Nedo Winkelfix angle finder. This is an angle finder that is the perfect tool for those hard-to-reach angles that need measuring precisely. 

Complete with an analogue display, this easy-to-use and handy tool is used widely by tradespeople everywhere including; carpenters, surveyors, glaziers, construction site workers and those in the automotive industry too.

With an arm length of 430-600mm and an ankle range of 0° to 180°, this can be a fantastic tool to be used in automotive glazing.


4. Glazing Shovel

Simple yet effective, this glazing shovel is a must for all glaziers and glazing jobs. Solid and a shock-proof tool, it helps to lever panes of glass into position for easy fitting. 

Particularly useful when levering large sheets of glass into position, which can be especially useful in the automotive industry. This inexpensive glazing tool is one that everyone should have in their kit, whether you are in the motor industry or not.


5. The MRT2 Tool

With the MRT2 Tool, lifting can be a one-person job as this technology is able to lift glass with a suction that can have a 180-degree rotation and a 90-degree tilt too. A huge loading capacity of 135kg so practically no load will be too heavy for this device.

Popular for all kinds of glazing jobs including construction, manufacturing and the automotive industry of course - these hefty tools will make lifting any glass for vehicles a breeze!


6. Deglazing Tool

A deglazing tool is a must-have tool for automotive glazing jobs and all other glazing jobs too. A tool that is sharp and creates effortless window removable for quick window replacement. Complete with a non-slip handle for comfortable usage and the razor-sharp blade slices through the toughest sealant.

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GGR Glass

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From suction cups and suction mounts to lifting accessories such as carrying straps, we have everything you need for glass handling and window fitting.

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