If you have invested in double-glazed windows and they seem to be faulty, do not fear, they can be repaired without them needing to be replaced. Whether your double-glazed windows have become difficult to open, or the glass has been misting up with condensation, it is useful to know just what you can do to repair them, along with the tools required to get the job done.

Read on for more information about your double-glazed windows and if they can be repaired.


Double-Glazed Windows

Double glazing is a window type that involves a gap of air between glass panes. It insulates against the transfer of heat between varying outside temperatures. Double-glazed windows can help to lock in heat and are also referred to as insulated glass units or IGUs.

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The Most Common Faults of Double-Glazed Windows

Some of the most common faults of double-glazed window units include:

  • Becoming difficult to open and close
  • Sagging or dropping over time, causing the units to not fit properly
  • Locks not working
  • Window seals deteriorating
  • Condensation or steaming up of the glass
  • Cracking or shattering

These have been reported to be among the most common problems that can occur with double-glazed windows (and doors). If you have read this list and are now feeling worried that your double-glazed windows are going to fail you, then you shouldn’t be too worried yet. Most people do not have issues with their double-glazed glass, and double-glazed windows are in fact a very reliable window choice.


Double Glazing Repair

Double-glazed windows often come with a warranty of 10 to up to even 20 years! It is handy to check what cover yours has when you come to spot a fault. Contact the glazing company you purchased your windows from if you are eligible to have your windows fixed if you are under warranty.


Fixing Condensation in Double-Glazed Windows

A common problem is condensation on the inside of windows or in between the glass panes. This means that your double-glazing has become faulty.

Condensation means that windows are not doing their job correctly and the seal is no longer air-tight holding in the insulating gas between the panes. This failure then results in condensation.

Fixing a condensation problem can be achieved. A method that can be used involves drilling a small hole into the glass pane unit. A desiccant, which is a substance used to sustain dryness, is used to absorb any moisture.

A special drying agent is injected or pumped into the hole to dry out the window with an agent that has anti-fogging abilities to help prevent the problem from recurring in the future. Although do note, this method has no guarantee.


Consider Replacing Window Seals

The window gasket, otherwise known as window seal is something that will be attached to your double glazing, this is what is responsible for sealing air in between the two panes of glass in your double glazing units and keeping drafts and moisture out of your home.

Window gaskets can perish and shrink over time - this is a naturally occurring process. This is down to the sealant expanding and contracting through different temperatures and weather conditions throughout the year. This causes it to potentially crack and shrink over time pulling it away from the window frame.

If your window gaskets have shrunk or cracked, it may be time for them to be replaced. If it is just the sealant that is the fault, this can be fixed without having to pay for brand-new double glazing along with the installation costs. This option is a much friendlier option for the environment and to your wallet as well.

Replacing gasket seals will also help your home to be more energy efficient too. Save money on not replacing your entire window units and also on your energy bills.


When Should I Replace a Double-Glazed Window

If you have assessed your double glazing and you are thinking that your windows are faulty beyond repair, then it may be time to replace them. Double glazing can be outdated and could be costing you money if they are seriously damaged.

It is sometimes best to bite the bullet and reinvest the money into purchasing some new double-glazed window units for your home. On a positive note, this could save you more money in the long run, especially during the winter months when you will want your double-glazed windows to keep in as much heat as possible.

Some window types may be more prone to issues and may be easier and cheap to replace rather than repair in some cases.

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Tools Needed to Repair Double Glazing

Now you have learnt what you will need to do if you want to fix your double-glazed windows that have become misty or are experiencing condensation.

Here we will list some of the tools that you will need if you plan on repairing your double glazing, so read on to learn more of the top tools from GGR Glass.


Gasket Roller

Use a gasket roller for pushing those new gaskets into place. These handy tools are a must-have for ensuring you have that strong and air-tight seal. The pointed end can help with pushing seals into corners.


Deglazing Tool

Need to fully replace your double-glazing units? No problem, a deglazing tool can help you greatly with the process. You will be able to cut neatly and with ease through any existing sealant for the whole window removal.


Suction Cups

For an easy job and your safety, opt to use suction cups whenever you are removing and replacing old windows. Suction cups allow for easy holding and manoeuvring of large and awkward-to-carry glass panels. We have a whole range of suction cups to compare and choose from at GGR Glass, for all of your glass-carrying needs. From lever-operated, vacuum operated to slap-on-cups, we have it all.


GGR Glass

Come to us at GGR Glass for all your glazing tool needs. We have all the tools you could need for window repairing and glazing and deglazing tools.

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