When it comes to glazing, GGR Glass aim to handle all glass with complete care. We offer extra protection for glass handling operations with a range of protective products.

The Armoured Corner Protectors are simple, yet effective, tough plastic corner protectors. These corner shields are ideal for protecting glass panels, mirrors and other fragile sheet materials when being transported.

Available in four different sizes, depending on the sheet thickness, these corner protectors also come in four different colours – Red: 6mm, Green: 10mm, Orange: 12mm and Yellow: 15mm.

If plastic isn’t thick enough for your taste, we also offer the Corner Protection Block. Offering the protection of glass and other fragile sheet materials of up to 55mm in thickness, these wooden blocks can be easily attached.

Featuring a 120mm diameter suction cup, these blocks are a reliable safeguard for the handling of heavy loads.

The Edge Protection Block is capable of being attached to edges of the glass and fragile sheet materials, of up to 40mm in thickness. Including a suction cup for extra stability when attached, this wooden block makes the perfect shield.

Worry no more about damage to your load with the ultimate protection accessories from GGR Glass!

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