GGR Glass provides a variety of lifting accessories, which are fit to assist with any professional glazing work. Whatever the job is, we will have the perfect tool.

Let’s take a look at some of them…

The Toyo Straight and Patterned “Dry Wheel” Glass Cutters are ideal for cutting thick pieces of glass measuring from 2-10mm. Capable of cutting flat pieces of glass, as well as patterned glass, these cutters are fitted with durable cutting heads and blades.

They provide a professional clean-cut, which can be repeated multiple times due to the cutting wheel being made from precision ground tungsten carbide.

Another collection includes a range of Toyo “Oil-Fed” Glass Cutters. Ergonomically designed for convenience and precision, they are the ideal cutting tool for straight glazing on smooth or stained glass.


Designed with an easy-to-refill, transparent oil reservoir, these “Oil Fed” glass cutters are equipped to provide a consistent, clean and professional cut. Some feature unique handles to provide extra comfort and control when cutting.

Or, for a more precise cut, we have the Glass Circle Cutter. This impressive piece of equipment is capable of effortlessly cutting circles into glass and mirrors. Using 6 carbide wheels around a vacuum cup centre, this tool can cut circles up to a maximum diameter of 600mm.

Glass cutting can be a tricky piece of work but with our collection of state-of-the-art glass cutters, we can make it simpler.

For more of our glass cutting accessories, view our website.

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