Lifting glass can be dangerous when you don’t have the proper hand tools. Through the use of professional glass lifters glaziers and novices can safely move and install glazing. Glass lifting hand tools are typically controlled by a lever which can be activated when the cup of the lifter has been pressed against the glass. This forms a vacuum and secures the cup to the surface. By applying this tool, you are adding a ‘handle’ to the glass, so it is much easier to lift.

At GGR Glass we supply glass lifting solutions that are suited for an array of projects. With hand cups that have a capacity of up to 170kg, you can lift a large range of different glazing units. Some of our hand cups are also designed for lifting textured and curved glass making our stock that much more versatile.

Hand Cups for Lifting Glass

We offer some of the best hand cups on the market which offer users and safe and easy way to lift glass. See a selection of our hand cups below to enhance your glazing experience.

N5000 Suction Cup

This hand cup has an impressive 68kg capacity but is super lightweight weighing just 860g itself. The vacuum cup is fitted with a heavy-duty ABS handle that has a wide grip for easy hold. Rustproof and accompanied with a protective carrying case the N5000 will remain in great condition over years of use.

Powr-Grip N6000 Curved Suction Cup

Lifting glass can become tricky when the glass is curved – this is because it can be much harder to find the tools needed to support the different shape. The N6000 has a 79kg capacity and a concave pad for easily accommodating curved surfaces.

Powr-Grip N4950TS Textured Suction Cup

Many glazing units are designed with irregular surfaces and patterned designs intended for various uses. With the N4950TS you can lift items such as frosted windows, textured countertops, and more without the worry of the cups struggling to attach. The uniquely designed pad has a sealing edge that can mould itself to a range of textured surfaces.

Suction Mounts

Suction mounts may not be the first thing you think of for assisting you with your glazing projects, but they can be an important tool. These products come in various designs intended for different uses. This includes products such as the TL6TD Tie Down which can be used to secure loads when used with webbing or ratchet straps. There is also the LJ6VH Vertical Handle Stick which is a suction cup with a horizontal handle which provides users with a unique way of picking up loads and placing glass.

Glass Transport

When lifting heavier or multiple pieces of glazing it is beneficial to find a way to transport it without relying completely on manual handling. With the use of our glass transport solutions, you can increase productivity and reduce costs caused by breakages. The All-Terrain Uni Wheel Dolly is a great option if you need a compact tool to help transport loads. For larger glazing pieces we recommend the Flexi-Trolley 700 which has a 700kg capacity and has two Woods Powr-Grip suction cups to hold your glazing in place on this 4-wheeled trolley.

Lifting Accessories

Lifting glass is made easier when using tools specially designed to assist you. By utilising lifting accessories, you can enhance safety and reduce job completion times. Our Incline Carrying Straps are the perfect portable tool which surrounds the load allowing workers to easily lift glazing. These straps also allow you to move glass through narrow spaces such as up staircases where trolleys or glazing robots cannot be used. GGR Glass also supply a WINBAG Inflatable Air Wedge which can expand from 2-50mm to lift and position objects weighing up to 135kg.


At GGR Glass we have over 25 years of experience in glass lifting solutions. As experts in safe and innovative glass lifting technology, we always have a product suited to your needs. To discuss a solution for you with our expert team contact us here.