Safety always comes first with GGR Group. That’s why we sell a variety of specialised gloves, each designed to help your hands in the right way when lifting materials. Whether you’re handling glass, stone, metal or slippery surfaces, our gloves have got your hands covered!

Here’s what you need to know about each of our gloves…

The Power Flex range are a flexible lot with plenty of movement and reliable protection when wearing them. Each pair has a specific use, so that you’re prepared for any situation.

PowerFlex 80-100

These gloves are very handy for lifting the rougher materials like brick, concrete and stone.

PowerFlex 80-400

These latex coated gloves will keep your hands insulated and warm through the cold weather.

PowerFlex 80-600

For handling sharper materials like glass, these gloves will resist any cut or tear.

PowerFlex 80-658

With triple the layer, these gloves are best used when handling glass or steel with extra protection.

Suction Cups

The Grab It Safe range are specifically designed so that you can grab it, safely… clever, right? These gloves are perfect for when working within wet and dry conditions.

Grab It Safe 28-310

Better used for handling glass, ceramic or plastic, these gloves have a cotton-spun Kevlar lining and a rough latex coat for all-around comfort and protection.

Grab It Safe 28-317

These gloves are designed with a long safety cuff for further protection past the palm when handling glass, ceramics or sharp plastics.


The Neptune Kevlar range are best equipped to handle oil, grease and liquids whilst still providing that extra grip.

Neptune Kevlar 70-114

These are specifically designed as sleeves for protecting the wrist and arm area from grease, dirt and moisture.

Neptune Kevlar 70-335

These gloves are PVC studded as well as liquid repellent, for a better grip whatever the condition.

Neptune Kevlar 70-421

Designed for glass repairing jobs, these fingerless gloves provide extra grip when handling glass and metals with PVC studs all around.


Last but definitely not least, there’s the…

Vantage 70-765 Gloves

These special gloves use Kevlar Armor Technology for extra protection which means that they are cut and tear resistant with an excellent grip for wet, dry or oily conditions.


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