The Best UPVC Glazing Tools

The Best UPVC Glazing Tools

Glass is the main component of the window because it is at least 90% of the surface. It is really difficult to find your way around choosing the type of glass because there are thousands of combinations of types of glass for frames.

What to choose between a double glass or a triple glass? What is the difference between an extra- clear glass and transparent glass? What are the characteristics of armoured glass and those of selective glass? What is the purpose of the degree of selectivity? And what is low-emissivity glass? As you can see, there are innumerable doubts!

If there is so much ado about the choice of glass that should be used for a window or door, how much more tools are suitable for each type of window?

Firstly, it is best to consider the type of material that is to be used and then look for the best glazing tools available for such type of glass. In this case, we have to know what UPVC is and the type of care it requires would determine the type of tools that are best for installing UPVC.


Glazing Tools


What Is UPVC?

UPVC is an abbreviation for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a low-maintenance material used in place of painted wood which requires higher maintenance and is used mostly for window and door frames whether single glazed, double glazed or triple glazed.

It is a rigid and durable plastic that is known to be much harder than PVC. It is highly celebrated by construction workers and has gotten popular with the construction of buildings. It helps to provide a much sturdier foundation for double-glazed doors and windows.


What Are The Best UPVC Glazing Tools Available To You?


1. Glazing Hammers

Glazing hammers are essential tools when installing windows or doors. They are sometimes referred to as a form of heavy-duty construction tool.

They are mainly used for shaping glass I to different shapes like causing a curve in a glass for proper installation. They are also used for breaking and cutting glass into particles for easy disposal or to make them into smaller forms.

They are used in the installation of UPVC windows, doors, mirrors, or a large art glass installation. The thorex nylon and paper hammer is most suitable for glazing.


2. Scrapers

They are important tools when dealing with aluminium and UPVC. As the name suggests, they are used for removing excess adhesive, dirt, or paint from glass surfaces. They can carefully remove particles without causing specific harm to the glass.

They can be used for general home maintenance and decoration when it comes to glazing. They also have multipurpose use because they can also be used on similar materials like tiles in the home or the construction site.


3. Glass Suckers

Glass suckers are essential during glazing because they ensure the safe lifting of glass and protect the glass from chipping, scratching, or breaking. They are like suction cups in that they maintain a vacuum between the surface that is being lifted and flexible material.

They can be used in a simple home installation or a large-scale industrial glazing activity. They are mostly for moving large and heavy glass panes. They can also be used on a small scale to protect the glass being used from breaking.

When choosing a glass sucker, it is important to choose one that is smooth and sturdy. The handheld suction cup, GGR3 suction cup triple pad, N4950 handheld suction cup, and Oktopus 70 suction cup are examples of the best glass sucker.


4. Gasket Rollers

Without gasket rollers, a lot of glazing activities will be left unfinished or finished poorly. Gasket rollers are used for fitting gasket seals. They help to properly shape gasket seals to the corner of the windows whether at the higher or the lower section.

They are very useful for installing gaskets into both UPVC and aluminium windows and door frames. The plastic gasket roller, aluminium gasket roller, gasket roller deluxe, and gasket roller deluxe X-long are the best choices of gasket rollers.


5. Glazing Shovel

A glazing shovel is an invaluable tool for a glazer. It is used for the installation of insulated glazing units more often than not. It is a tool made for strength and durability. This is why they are made of solid, shockproof plastics. They are also used for lifting and positioning wide plates of glass and also for inserting shims.


6. Glazing Paddle

Glazing paddles are multipurpose glazing tools. They are used for inserting glass support blocks commonly known as glazing Packers during glass installation.

They help to easily align double glazed glass windows and doors. They are also very useful in pushing wedge gaskets into both UPVC windows and door frames. Finally, they are used for toe and heeling or doors and windows.


7. Gasket Cutter

Gasket cutters are used for making accurate cuts in gaskets. This is what they leave a clean and smooth edge so that the gaskets when installed during glazing form a perfect seal and sit properly in the window or door in which it would be installed. They can be used to cut different materials such as plastic, fibre, and rubber.


8. UPVC Door Spreader

The UPVC door spreader is used when there is a failure in the locking mechanisms of UPVC doors and frames. It is therefore used to spread the UPVC door or window from the frame thereby causing the proper exposure of the locking system.

It is most suitable for a door with multi-point mechanism failure. It is very practicable since it does not leave any mark of pressure or chip on the UPVC door, window, or frame.


9. Glass Thickness Measuring Gauge

The glass thickness measuring gauge is used for measurements of glass window panes that have already been installed without any need to first remove them.

What makes them very practical is that they are also able to measure double-glazed units. It is ingenious in determining the depth of UPVC panels and double-glazed sealed units.


10. Glass Vacuum Lifters

Glass vacuum lifters are a larger and much more mechanical version of glass suckers. They can be used with both mini cranes and spider cranes to lift glass plates. They make use of suction cups to grip the glass plates and carry them from one position to another. We also provide various glass lifting accessories to choose from. 


11. Crawler Crane

Crawler cranes are used alongside vacuum lifters. They are used for industrial glazing activities. Mini crawler cranes or spider cranes can be used alternatively based on the space available. They are used to lift glass sheets during glazing activities.



At GGR Glass, we sell a variety of glazing and deglazing tools that you can use for your window frames. Also, check out some of our sealants and glass cutters as they come in hand with UPVC glazing tools.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you with any queries!

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