To keep safe and increase productivity it is important that glaziers are using equipment that makes glass lifting simpler. Tools for lifting glass can offer users a secure grip on loads which are typically tricky to hold. These tools can also make carrying glass easier as they can reduce the strain that is caused by an insecure hold.

At GGR Glass we maintain a constant presence throughout the industry so we can stay up to date on the latest developments. With the aim to offer our customers the best glass lifting technology today, we are always offering modern lifting solutions and accessories.


Handling glass can come with all sorts of problems if you don’t follow best practice when moving and carrying it. Due to the combined challenges of the size, weight, and fragility of glass, it can quickly become dangerous. If you begin to struggle or the glass slips it can cut you, land on you, shatter, and do various other things to harm you and others. Lifting and handling glass correctly with specially designed tools for lifting glass you can easily avoid many of the issues associated with manual handling.

Glass Lifting Trolleys

Glazing can often be too big to carry by hand and you may need a set of wheels to get it around a job site. Our range of glass lifting trolleys offer support when moving glass between locations and some offer a safe resting spot. There are various trolleys available which offer different uses. For example, with the Slab Buddy users can store their glass on the wheeled frame which is ideal for keeping glazing safe between lifts. Comparatively, the Self-Locking Transport Dolly is ideal for quickly wheeling loads around without adding too much bulk.

Glass Suction Cups

The invention of Glass Suction Cups revolutionised the glazing industry as they made lifting glass much safer and quicker. With the use of these products, you could manipulate glass with a reduced injury risk as you were touching sharp edges less often and were less likely to drop it. With hand cups such as the Powr-Grip N4000 you can simply press the cup against any smooth flat surface and lift up to 57kg. With the red line indicator, you can easily identify any suction loss and quickly reactivate it so you can continue to lift safely.

Glass Cutting Tools

When it comes to handling glass, it is important that you have the right sized glass prepared for installation. With our handy glass cutting tools you can safely and easily cut your glass to your preferred size. We supply tools such as our Glass Circle Cutter or the reputable Toyo Straight Glass Cutter.


At GGR Glass we have over 25 years of experience in supplying tools for lifting glass. For further advice on glass lifting solutions contact our experienced team here.