Are you in need of reliable lifting equipment for your construction projects? GGR Glass has a range of specialist lifting tools and accessories designed to make your glass lifting tasks safer and more efficient. From vacuum slab lifters to ergonomic handles, GGR Glass has everything you need to handle heavy materials with ease. Also, for a limited time, enjoy a 10% discount off your purchase with the code FEB10 (valid until the end of February). Just remember to sign in or create an account to apply the discount at checkout.

Specialist Lifting Tools

When it comes to lifting tasks, having the right tools can make all the difference. At GGR Glass, we offer a selection of specialist lifting tools designed to streamline your operations and improve efficiency.

Floor Panel Lifter

Specifically designed to eliminate back and arm strain and provide quick, easy access to cabling when lifting solid floor panels in offices and data centres, the Floor Panel Lifter is an essential tool for professionals. With an overall length of 840mm and a lifting capacity of 59kg, this lifter ensures you can handle even the heaviest floor panels with ease. Simply push down to create suction, lift the panel and pull up on the release trigger once the panel is back in position.

Donut Vacuum Slab Lifter

The Donut Vacuum Slab Lifter is perfect for lifting paving stones, landscape materials or heavier flooring tiles with ease. Its 'push-and-go' style suction vacuum allows for simple operation – just press the lifter down onto the material, create a vacuum by covering the hole on the handle with your thumb and lift. By lifting materials from the top, the Donut Vacuum Slab Lifter helps minimise damage, making it ideal for a variety of lifting applications.

Erguo Handle

Partner your Nemo Grabo with the Erguo Handle to enhance lifting efficiency and reduce strain on job sites. This ergonomic handle is designed to minimise fatigue and injuries by reducing the need for bending when lifting materials. It incorporates a lever for easy activation of the vacuum and weighs only 0.75kg, making it lightweight and easy to use.

Lifting Accessories

In addition to our specialist lifting tools, we also offer a range of accessories designed to enhance safety and efficiency on job sites.

Double Handed Carry Clamps

Transport stone slabs, steel plates or other hard materials effortlessly with the Double Handed Carry Clamps from GGR Glass. Made from lightweight and durable aluminium, these clamps come as a pair to reduce strain during manual handling. Ensure safe and easy transportation of materials across your site with these reliable 250kg capacity carry clamps.

Single Handed Carry Clamps

Ideal for lifting and transporting stone slabs upright, the Single Handed Carry Clamps offer convenience and efficiency. Designed for use with just one hand per person, these clamps allow two people to lift hefty slabs weighing up to 100kg with ease.

8m Secondary Safety Device

Ensure extra safety when using single circuit vacuum handling machines with the GGR Secondary Safety Device (SSD). This device can be easily attached to a crane hook and secured around a load to support the bottom of sides of the object. Offering a 3000kg capacity with polypropylene sleeves and hard nylon corners to protect straps from abrasive edges you can feel confident in your lifting tasks.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your lifting equipment with these high-quality tools and accessories from GGR Glass. Remember to take advantage of the 10% discount with the code FEB10 before the end of February.