At GGR Glass, we have an incredible amount of lifting accessories, including slap on suction cups.

Our range of slap on cups is simple and effective, with vacuum application being instantly applied through just one push. We offer a variety of cups for different operations, here are just a few…

The Push’n’Go slap on the cup is small but strong. Extremely comfortable and easy to use, this suction cup is ideal for lifting small pieces of glass or tiles of up to 4.5kg.

Requiring only one hand for quick lifting, the handle features the push-button release valve for the release of the vacuum hold.  This slap on cup works perfectly on glass and plastic.

The G-Man slap on the cup is the ideal suction cup for adding a handle to lifts of up to 15.8kg. Simple yet highly effective this suction cup is extremely easy to use on smoother surfaces including glass and ceramic tiles.

Developed with a trigger mechanism built into the handle, this cup allows the safe release of the vacuum hold with just one push.

The D-Cup Lifter is an easy to use, dual cup slap on the device, used for lifting longer, heavier loads of up to 34kg. Its lightweight design makes it the ideal lifting tool for laying or removing floor tiles.

Designed to provide a longer handle for the dual cup system, a simple trigger mechanism allows the release of a vacuum hold on the glass. Simply press and go.

The BoomLift allows extra reach with a 305mm handle for helping feed and remove parts from moulds and cutting systems. Featuring a comfortable rubber grip, this device is ideal for handling plastic, metal and glass of up to 6kg.

This slap on the cup is often used for feeding, retrieving and repositioning parts from mechanical punch presses and laser machinery.

Each slap on cup offers something different- we even have a range of high-heat slap on cups which are designed for material applications where heat is up to 232°C.

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