As we love all things glass here at GGR, these remarkable glass sculptures really float our boat and we thought we’d share some of our favourite works of art with you.

After taking a look at these glass masterpieces a standard plain glass window just won’t cut it anymore! Here’s a closer look at the work of four glass artists whose work really caught our eye…

Dale Chihuly, a glass artist from Washington, USA, is famous for creating larger-than-life sculptures using brightly coloured blown glass.

His “Fiori di Como” piece in the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas (above), is the largest glass sculpture in the world. Created by a team of over 100 glassblowers, architects, fabricators and installers, the sculpture’s 2,000 glass-blown flowers are made up of over 18 tonnes of glass and 4.5 tonnes of supporting steelwork.

His collection of “Chandelier” hanging glass sculptures have appeared in exhibitions around the world. In 2001, this 30-foot-tall chandelier was installed in the main entrance of London’s V&A Museum when it housed one of his collections. We’d love one of these but it might be a bit over the top for our reception!

Marvin Lipofsky is another American glass artist who uses blown glass, on a smaller scale but with beautiful results. His signature multi-coloured blown glass bubbles in distorted shapes appear in more than 90 museums and corporate collections around the world, including the Corning Museum of Glass and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Originally from Illinois (USA), Lipofsky taught the glass programme at the California College of Arts and Crafts for two decades.

Jeremy Langford is a British/ Israeli glass sculptor from London whose work features in the British Museum, Trump International Towers in Florida and the Western Wall in Jerusalem. His series of glass installations in the catacombs of the Western Wall are made up from 150 tonnes of glass and document the history of the Jewish people.

Jeremy also specializes in stained glass art. Keeping with the religious theme used in a lot of his work, he created “Our Lady of Lourdes” - a stained glass version of Madonna!

Another stained glass designer from the UK is Brian Clarke, who is actually from Oldham where GGR Glass is based! Brian’s work includes the apex of the pyramid in the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Kazakhstan, a 1,012 square foot stained glass wall in the Corning Museum of Glass and the stained glass ceiling at Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre in Oldham.

If that has given you some inspiration to try your hand at a spot of glass art and sculpting, GGR Glass has some essential tools which might come in useful, such as our Toyo glass cutters, protective harness, and smooth jaw, serrated jaw and offset jaw pliers. Good luck with your masterpieces!

Take a look at our “Glass Art” Pinterest board for more amazing glass sculptures and let you know who your favourite glass artists are.

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