GGR Glass offers a wide range of products that are extremely practical, including a variety of suction mounts for attaching equipment to smooth surfaces.

Our suction mounts range in lifting capacities ranging from 5kg-32kg. Designed with EPDM black rubber pads, our suction mounts offer a strong grip once mounted to flat or slightly curved surfaces.

Suction mounts are ideal for attaching electronic, photographic, navigational and measuring equipment to surfaces such as countertops, windscreens, helmets or vehicles.

Fitted with aluminium mounts and threaded studs, gadgets can be easily secured into place. The vacuum is easily applied and released by using lift tabs which are situated near the edge of the rubber pad.

We offer a wide range of specialist suction mounts for all opportunities, including low marking suction mounts. These unique suction mounts are developed with low marking, and flexible rubber, designed to avoid leaving any damage on surfaces.

Other specialist suction mounts include the GoPro suction mount and the camera suction mount, designed specifically for the fit of photographic and videoing equipment. These devices are extremely flexible, offering the option to pan and tilt once attached to a smooth surface.

Our suction mounts aim to offer practicality and stability for all types of projects.

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