Sealant Finishing Best Practices: Achieving Professional Results with GGR Glass Tools

Sealant Finishing Best Practices: Achieving Professional Results with GGR Glass Tools

Applying sealant to your windows and joints is one of the most important parts of installing glazing. With a perfect seal on your glazing, you and increase its efficiency. The seal will prevent draughts from entering buildings and moisture which can damage walls and furniture as well as cause mould. But in order to achieve this you need to follow sealant finishing best practices which includes what type of sealant you need, techniques, and tool required. Read further to ensure the best finish possible for your windows.

Choose the Right Sealant

With so many sealants and caulks on the market it can be hard to know which is best for your project. For sealing your glazing, it is recommended that you choose sealant over caulk as it is better suited for sealing objects that may move, shrink, or expand due to temperature changes and other factors. Generally, it is good advice to pick up a sealant that is marketed as being made for use around windows if you are unsure. When choosing your sealant you should also search for a low modulus based silicone sealant as it provides plenty of flexibility.

Use High-Quality GGR Glass Tools

There isn’t much point in purchasing the perfect sealant if you end up applying it incorrectly. With professional tools you can save yourself a lot of time by getting a great finish first time.

Deglazing Tool

If you are also replacing your windows you will need to safely remove the old ones. This is where our Deglazing Tool comes in – a specially designed handled blade. With three different position options and a razor-sharp blade, you can smoothly remove window units from their frames. Repositionable handles and the left-handed and right-handed blades also make this tool very ergonomic.

Glazing Shovel

Once you have removed your glazing unit you will need to replace it, our Glazing Shovel makes that easy. This tool can easily slip under your unit when toe and heeling glass windows into position. The ridged surface of the shovel provides the right amount of grip to shift the glazing without the risk of the tool accidentally slipping out.

Angular Sealant Finisher

Specially made sealant finishing tools are always essential for achieving smooth and perfect sealant. The Angular Sealant Finisher tool we supply is designed with three different angles for adjusting to different joint sizes. Made from smooth non-stick plastic you needn’t worry about making a mess of the sealant or struggling to get a decent finish.

Smoothing the Sealant

Once you get the hand of smoothing sealant it is relatively easy to perfect. But if you are a novice ensure that you take your time to get the best finish you can. You should start by applying your sealant which should be done with a sealant gun. Next, do a test patch on some scrap material so you can become familiar with the consistency. Once you are confident apply the sealant in a smooth motion across the joint. With the sealant down all that is left to do it smooth it down and take away any excess. Press your sealant tool against the sealant and take care to maintain an even pressure along the entire length. Use a damp cloth to clear away any mess left behind.

Regular Maintenance

While sealant is great for protecting your home from moisture and cold air it also has a limited lifespan for effectiveness. Typically, sealant can last up to 20 years but that entirely depends on a number of environmental factors. Often sealant can deteriorate quicker due to rain, fluctuating temperatures, UV light and exposure. Mould can also begin to grow on silicone which you can’t fully get rid of unless you remove the sealant and apply it again. Be sure to regularly check your window sealant for damage or abnormalities so you can quickly fix them to avoid further issue.


GGR Glass has been providing glazing products for over 25 years and has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge. With our experts on hand to provide advice you can feel confident you are choosing the right products for your project. Contact us here.

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