Raising glass comes with plenty of things to avoid and things that you need to make lifting glass safer. At GGR Glass we supply the number one lifting solutions for glazing, providing customers with better and safer ways to raise glass. Our professional glass lifting range includes suction cups, hand cups, suction mounts, glass transport, lifting accessories, and more.

Adding our lifting accessories can improve your lifting experience, reduce injuries, and reduce costs. The right lifting tools provide a better grip on glass, a notoriously difficult material to handle. Glass is typically very fragile with sharp edges and becomes more awkward to move the bigger it gets. As well as selecting the right tools for your project you need to apply the correct lifting techniques which we go over in our blog here.

Types of Lifting Solutions for Raising Glass

When raising glass, you need to consider all the lifting solutions available to you in order to lift it expeditiously. This can be tools such as glass hand cups which allow glaziers to manipulate glazing with a firm and secure grip and avoid leaving fingerprints on the surface. However, with the use of a glass dolly, the user is able to transport larger pieces of glass without fully lifting it manually.

Continuous Slings

Continuous slings although one of our simpler lifting accessories are essential for all sorts of heavy lifting. This is due to their multiple contact points, ability to absorb shock loads, resist twists and kinks, and be used for choke applications. Our range of continuous slings comes in various sizes and capacities ranging between 0.5m – 16m with capacities going up to 6 tonnes.

Hand Cups

Our hand cup range consists of various vacuum suction cups that attach to glass and other materials. Implementing hand cups into your everyday glazing tools means you can handle glass much easier and more safely. Adding this secure handle with the simple activation of the vacuum you can turn and lift glass with ease. It also makes positioning glass much easier as you can still maintain a grip on it when it is flush with the window frame.

Webbing Slings

Webbing slings have very similar abilities to the continuous slings we supply but they also have a higher stretch rate. This feature has its uses as it can help minimise shock loading issues. Depending on what you plan on lifting using webbing slings can enhance the safety of you and your load.

Carrying Straps

With the range of carrying straps, we supply at GGR Glass raising glass becomes much easier and safer. These straps are lightweight and compact making them easy to take from job to job. Due to their simple yet sturdy design novice glaziers can use these straps with ease to safely lift and shift glass. We supply both polyester carrying straps and incline carrying straps, the latter of which is ideal for transporting glass up slopes and stairways.


Find the ideal accessories for all your glazing projects here at GGR Glass. Above are just a few of the lifting solutions we supply but we have plenty of options for you to choose from. For further advice on the tools you need contact us here.